Sunday, June 30, 2013

Pretty, pretty Ghoulia !

Current Mood : So happy...

Pretty new dolls ! I hope the Scarah Screams doll takes a while to come out, so I can enjoy these for a long time, without  worrying about her ! I tell ya, part of enjoying these dolls is how easy they were to obtain. Yeah, I paid a bit extra for shipping and convenience, but right now, it is soooo worth it.

I love this Mad Science Ghoulia. It’s why she got a solo photoshoot today. She seems to have a slight smile about her, and her eyes are so lovely. I’m kinda disappointed in her hair – it’s chopped and uneven, and she lost a lot during a post-debox brush – but I like the style. It’s like her Signature style, but updated. (grin) At first, I thought her hair was most like Dot Dead Gorgeous Spectra’s, but a quick look at all my dolls shows it’s original. Others have side bangs, but Ghoulia’s are much higher than everyone else’s.

Of course, I love her clothes. The Periodic Table-inspired print is precisely that, inspired. It’s not one-way only oriented, but you may wanna look for one on the shelf that has the letters facing up. Doesn’t really matter much, though. The dress has a snug-fitting bodice with a flared skirt that looks so classically feminine. Her earrings match – so do Cleo’s, for some weird reason, but in gold – and at least they catch her glasses when they don’t quite reach her ears. Her headband tends to ride slightly above her head, much like her signature one, but it’s adorable, with a brain decoration on the side. I also love her flared lab coat, the lapels are tacked down and everything ! And the ‘brain’ print goes with half her wardrobe. I wish they’d done something more interesting with her shoes. More high-tops, yawn. I know I always avoided bracelets on Lab Days in school but maybe Ghoulia just forgot. They’re cute !

Tomorrow, you get to hear about Cleo’s deboxing – what a pain that was ! But she’s beautiful, that purple streak in her hair is so unique. I just prefer Scaris.

Oh, and I did something a little silly. Found a slightly used copy of Barbie Fashion Vol. 1, 1959 – 1697 for a great price, and snagged it. I already have the other two Sarah Sink Eames books, and wanted this one, too. But $50. and more kept me wanting. I still checked thrift stores, second-hand bookstores, and yard sales just in case, but it was evidently a rare book. Anybody would wonder why I bought a Barbie book, when clearly my interests have waned, but the Vintage fashions are the ones I’m always trying to copy ! Even most of my MH creations kinda look like Barbie clothes, really. Plus, I still leaf through the other two volumes, for ideas in shape, color, and style. So I’m excited about having all three, finally ! 


  1. Ghoulia's hair almost looks crimped in your pic, is it that way irl? Ha ha, remember crimped hair? Oh my gosh, what were we thinking in the 80's?

    1. It's from the packaging - but I kind of like it that way, so I'm leaving it. What can I say, I loved the 80s, even if we did look like clowns half the time !