Saturday, June 29, 2013

Ch-ch-changes for Abbey and Heath !

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Was too keyed up last night to sew anything original, so I focused on adapting ‘Home Ick’ Heath and Abbey’s issue outfits instead. I have to say that I’m impressed by the sewing I had to undo. I figured Heath’s pants were simply fold-cuffed and sewn down, a bit too high-water for my liking, but they’d be easy to pick out and re-sew.

Not so fast. The raw edges were sealed, possibly with a Fray-Check type chemical, and the cuffs had been sewn, then tacked down, then folded into the side seams. It’s not easy to describe, but the thirty seconds of picking with a seam ripper that I expected took closer to ten minutes per leg. I was able to keep the cuff, and I wanted to, but it was because the way they were originally sewn made sure of it. They’re still a bit too short, but I think they look better now that they’re within grazing reach of his shoes.

I also figured the purple tulle overskirt on Abbey’s dress was held on at the waist only with a single line of stitches, because, again, the sides would be caught up in the back seam. I was right about the single stitch line, but that skirt was sewn on all three sides, even well-within the back seam allowance. But it was easy to remove, but once it was off, I wasn’t sure what to do with it. I mean, ya hate to waste an official MH  tulle skirt, ya know ? So just for kicks, I tacked it to the bottom hem and it looked pretty good there. Helped lengthen the usual just-a-bit-too-short MH skirt, too. So I changed my needle and sewed it down. I like !

The chest-bow I still don’t like, but it had *those* stitches on it. You know the kind. Thick and wadded, and if you have any experience in removing similar Barbie bows, you know that half the time, there’s holes in the fabric when you’re done. So I just clipped the tails a bit shorter, so the whole bow would lie flat, and that was good. I’m happy with their outfits now !

About Abbey’s shoes, though…jury’s still out ! She's wearing Scaris Draculaura's today. 

The photo has Heath at an angle for a reason. While many fans were disappointed about his hair either not being rooted or not translucent like Holt Hyde’s, I like it. The sculpt is spot-on, there’s depth and a suggestion of motion to it, and the colors are perfect. I’m also super-happy Mattel used a clear elastic to anchor his head to the box, instead of those darn plastic tab-things. He may be short-sighted, impatient, hot-headed, and impulsive, but there’s not one single hole in his head ! 

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