Friday, June 14, 2013

Hey, at least they're only fat quarters !

Current Mood : Languid

We went out for a bit tonight – to Mal-Wart, of all places ! Needed a toilet snake, ‘nuff said. Still nothing new in MH, if anything, there was more older stuff (Ghouls Alive, Sweet 1600, and Roller Maze ) than there was before. I think I’ve finally beaten off the ‘must buy *something*’ mindset, as I was able to resist the Scaris car and café playset, and I would have bought them before. It helps that I really don’t like any of it, and I finally have a sense of my limits. Not gonna fill my small space with stuff I end up discarding.

Instead, I got two new fat quarters, which is almost as bad as mindless doll buying, but it takes up less space. That blue star and stripe one is gonna make some great guy shirts ! Also snagged a pound of cherries and one of strawberries, and we all made selections for good sandwiches for the weekend. And I had to get those trays that make star-shaped ice cubes. Don’t laugh.  

Got the new Daft Punk album, Random Access Memories, for Beloved Hubby, as an early Father’s Day gift. He’s been wanting it, mostly because ‘Lose Yourself To Dance’ is a mood-lifting song for him. I’m more in to ‘Get Lucky’, but the whole album is so retro-funk 80s, I love it all. So does he. I have a feeling it’ll spend more time in Venus-Diesel than it does in the house !

For his part, Dearest Son waffled about it, but since he had the cash, he decided to go for the Lone Ranger ‘Stagecoach’ Lego set. He could care less about the branding, he just wanted the coach for his made-by-him-from-old-pieces custom Hogwarts castle, to drop off various characters to the Yule Ball. Did you know Jack Sparrow and Princess Leia attended – together ? It’s true. I saw it all. 

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