Monday, June 10, 2013

Oh, yeah ! Say what you will, I love a professional wardrobe !

Current Mood : Tired. 

Still pretty ill – if I don’t move much, I can almost breathe normally, and convince m’self and Beloved Hubby there’s nothing wrong – but I got some housework done by going slow and sitting my big butt down when I needed to, and even had a little fun with sewing.

It took me two days to make a simple skirt – it’s just the skirt part of the same pattern that made Abigail’s green sheath dress, courtesy of Mazouko – and all I did was add a thin waistband. But it looks great ! I need to tweak the fit a bit in the back, or use thinner material, as the Velcro ™ doesn’t overlap right. Maybe snaps would work better. I also wanna make it knee-length, I keep forgetting to change that !

My fabric arrived – possibly the most I’ve ever paid for a yard of fabric ! – but it’s gorgeous. I can’t wait to use it, and kind of want to jump in now, but I’ll be a good girl and wash it first.

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