Tuesday, June 25, 2013

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Current Mood : Slightly sun-tinged ! 

While I’m recovering, my guys are still worried about me – which is funny, because they had no idea when it was at its worst ! Beloved Hubby cancelled Wednesday’s art class and arranged a picnic play date for the class families today, in hopes I’d have the strength to go, because maybe sitting in the sun outside would help.

I’m doing better, thank Everything, but the walk from Venus-diesel to the gazebo and back was enough to make me dizzy and a bit nauseous once we got back home. Once there, though, and I’d had a chance to sit for a bit, I was fine. It was a glorious day for it, with a nice breeze blowing, not too hot, but generously warm and beautifully sunny. All the kids got to run around and chase squirrels on a really magnificent day, something we’ve not had many of this year, and we got to parent-chat about politics and pop culture. The sun seemed to help dry out the damp in my lungs and refresh the too-long-hermited pieces of me, and I’ve never enjoyed a salad more. The cakes S. brought to share were excellent, too !

After a nice dinner, we decided to visit Hastings for a bit. (sigh) The used-book conundrum bit us all tonight, since they were having a good sale. You know the one – if they have it used, you don’t want it, but what you’d like to have isn’t available used. Snagged a couple barely read hardback Harry Potter books for less than $7. each, as our library can’t keep ‘em on shelves. Only need a couple more for a full set. When your son’s interested in reading, you *find* a way to obtain those books ! Felt good to tour their Monster High toy shelves, knowing there was not gonna be anything I wanted there, and that I had the newest releases anyway. BTW, has anyone ever tried ‘tongue tattoos’ ? Um, ugh.

It’s all I can do to stay awake ! And here’s the best thing – I used the inhaler about 2/3 less than I did yesterday ! Now it’s just recovery and renewing my strength. What a relief !

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