Sunday, June 16, 2013

Once a fangirl...always an image-stealing magpie fangirl.

Current Mood : Hungry

Another quiet weekend – rain again. It’s nice to listen to, but that’s about all I can do with my lungs so tight and clogged. Dearest Son tore a pair of sweatpants out at the knees, so now he has shorts. I think there’s another pair in the dirty clothes bin that’ll get similar treatment, if he hasn’t outgrown them, too.

Also fixed the black skirt I sewed for Abigail a few days ago. It wasn’t sitting right on her hips, so I took it in a bit more. Much better ! Already altered the pattern so that next time, it’ll fit from the start. Haven’t sewn the altered bodice piece yet, but that’s up for the next time I feel up to a sewing day. I have it already cut out and Fray-checked. If I can get a good fit, I’ll have a great base for blouses and dresses ! It’s good as-is, but I wanted bigger armholes and sides that matched. The back part of the side seams is much sharper than the front. Not sure why. And when one is noticeably different, you always wonder if you sewed it right – I mean, do you sew your seam according to the sharp angled side or by the more gently curved one ?

Some hot soup might help. I got ham bits, bouillon, and potatoes…

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