Tuesday, June 4, 2013

I predict lots of pink in Abigail's wardrobe...until I make some patterns for her !

Current Mood : Satisfied. 

Now I know her name – it’s Abigail ! Let’s see…it means (grin) ‘head of a monastery’ or ‘a father’s joy’. I like both of those !

I kinda picture her wearing this ‘I can be’ Barbie outfit on Saturday. After a run of errands, she’s home long enough to change clothes and spend the sunny afternoon with Nightmare – she’ll love those fresh carrots ! Now, I just have to make her a buncha clothes that go with tall black boots, short foldover boots (Harumika set), and a pair of brown loafers and white athletic shoes (Ken). It may be easier to finally get off my rear and learn to make decent doll shoes…

Got to go to Mal-Wart tonight, and it was a repeat of the Target/TRU show yesterday. Nothing new, although they did have a Signature Operetta and Venus, dolls I haven’t seen in a while. And they still have the Scaris Café and car playsets. Nothing new, and no big flat of boxes to hope through. Snagged a hot pink and black glittery cocktail dress from the Barbie budget line (i.e., less than three bucks) for Abigail, but I already know it’ll need some minor adjustments for a better fit. Hate to buy her so much pink, but that’ll happen when you raid Barbie’s wardrobe !

And since I’m going to order the three-level unfinished bleachers I’ve selected from that Etsy seller – it’s my birthday present – to display my 46 current MH students and adults, I went ahead and bought the paint for them that Beloved Hubby recommended. And the green Fusion for Abigail’s Coffin Bean chair. Can’t wait ‘til it’s dry enough around here to use it ! With inches of rain every night this week, the humidity is incredible. The bleachers will take a bit to arrive (seller has to make them and ship ‘em first), but I can do the chair anytime. When it’s not 87% humidity, that is.

I also found something I’ve been wanting for years – Dr. Scholl’s exercise sandals ! I loved those clunky things growing up, and have worn whatever I could find since, knockoffs, junky clones, semi-used thrift finds, and the real things when I could find ‘em. Haven’t found any in years (save for $40. on eBay), but I found them at Mal-Wart. On markdown even ! I got the ‘Chambray’ and ‘Stripe’ pairs in my size for less than ten bucks each. Oh, they feel so good ! Darn Dollar Tree flip-flops tore my feet up last year, but it’s like they’re being cradled and cosseted now. Yaaay !

I’ve found that life goes better when you’re feet don’t hurt and your toilet flushes…

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