Saturday, June 1, 2013

Some assembly optional.

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I tell ya’ll, I was all set to start off with a snarky paragraph about how the wrong people sunburn. I’ve had to listen to three pre-teen girls screech, squawk, and giggle at top volume from the not-yet-opened pool nearly all day – I was actually watching television to avoid the noise, and I’ve gotten so I loathe TV. Even cable. I have no idea who those girls are, and since well over half the people I met swimming last year didn’t even live here, frankly figured they were someone else’s problem, except for the shrieks that seem to try to travel right through the walls, for no real reason than to convince everyone else of how much fun they’re having, or at the very least, an ongoing, concentrated beg for attention.

Paramedics just left. I have no idea what happened to whom, I’ve concentrated so hard on shutting out the day-long high-pitched screaming that I didn’t hear any alarms or sirens. Hope the girls are OK, but I still don’t feel too bad about it. I know I should. But the pool is closed, they had to scale a locked gate to get in, and there’s never a lifeguard. Plus, it rained nearly seven inches last night, with tornadoes all week bringing rain and who knows what else, and the pool hasn’t been touched, much less cleaned, all week. There were still branches floating in it when I stuck my head out the door at 10am, trying to figure out what all the noise was – I thought a child was getting beaten. It’s a pain when I have to tell Dearest Son over and over that he can’t go out without me – and when the pool is locked - when he sees other kids out there, all alone and loud, but this is why.

Hope this summer isn’t as dramatic as today was. Anyway, I found a dress pattern on Flickr – it’s a Russian pattern, for a high-waisted dress and stockings, given at full-size with no seam allowances, if my translation’s correct. The bodice is separate, so it can be used as a blouse, or changed into any of a dozen new arrangements. Unfortunately, there’s no images of a dress made from it, but maybe soon, I’ll have one. You can snag it here.

And then, there was a knock at the door. I had a package ! Note that the PO did not deliver it, the nice young lady on desk duty at the apartment complex office did. So sweet of her, she’s always been nice to us. I should take her some candy. But, yes, finally – Headmistress Bloodgood and Nightmare are home ! Since I’ve already meandered through this entry, I’ll save the review for tomorrow, but I can tell you this – I love this set ! It has the ‘cheap outs’ that Mattel is known for, but plusses that are amazing. Yes, this is a bit over-priced in my opinion. But it is still awesome, and I can kind of see why the base price was probably kinda up there *before* TRU’s standard gouge. Not having been much of a ‘horse’ girl growing up – truth be told, the sheer size of horses kinda scares me – I’m amazed at how much I’m playing with Nightmare. 

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