Thursday, June 6, 2013

Cool Clawdeen !

Current Mood : Resigned

A rather quiet day today – it actually didn’t rain last night, and the earth’s been quick to drain the surplus, so it’s humid, but not puddly. Perfect for a picnic at the duck pond ! We took our lunch to the concrete table (which luckily didn’t have anyone napping on it, which happens frequently) under a lovely willow, and relaxed under a bright, but not that hot, sun. We ate in the quiet of bullfrogs and Canada geese, with occasional splashes, and fed grackles, crows, and a little squirrel. What a peaceful meal. Three other families occupied other tables and trees, enjoying the afternoon.

Luckily we were nearly finished when The Golfer showed up. Decent-lookin’ guy in shorts and some ‘I’m so tough I buy $50. t-shirts’ apparel, with two clubs slung over his shoulder and three fluorescent balls in his hands – all aimed right at us. When the first one landed about ten feet away, Beloved Hubby asked him to please go to the public driving range, not five miles away. Nope, this was a public park, and if this John Q. Jerk wanted to crack fast-moving spheres at us, well that was his right, as he saw it. Another landed not far from another family, who didn’t waste time talking, they just started packing.  Their curious toddler picked up the ball, examined it for two seconds, and crowed loudly then threw it into the pond – way to go, Kid ! That’s what I wanted to do with the one over by us, with or without the sound effects.

Beloved asked him again to leave, but JQJ took that as a request to move fifty feet further and start lobbing his two remaining balls at the ducks and geese. Idiot. We called the cops from Venus-diesel, but I doubt anything will happen.

I know I need to sew something – desperately ! – besides mere alterations to Barbie clothes for Abigail, but I’m not sleeping well (keep waking up wheezing) and just don’t have that frame of mind that allows me to sew my best. It’s there, I can feel it, just can’t access it. So I cleaned my Arena again, found space for Nightmare, daydreamed a bit, and looked for free patterns. Found several more Russian ones – you can snag ‘em here. I found mine one at a time, but they’re all on that Pinterest page, along with some other goodies, so it’s easier just to link the whole thing. Found a bodysuit, a sheer nightie robe, a cute pants and slacks combo, and Abbey’s ‘I <3 Fashion’ dress and tulle/fur overskirt. Happy hunting – and sewing ! 

And doesn't Clawdeen look great in Lagoona's Scaris dress ? 

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  1. What a pompous jerk! Next time, try to get cellphone footage of him lobbing balls in your direction. It's amazing what the threat of prosecution does for these types of people.