Thursday, June 27, 2013

Summer hits Chez Insanity...hard !

Current Mood : Worried 'bout my men...

Quiet day. We slept in, and had a lazy leftover lunch. Deboxed Heath and Abbey, finally read the story. So adorable  !

Beloved Hubby and Dearest Son hit the pool soon after. It wasn’t a good idea for me yet, so I decided to chill and read on the sofa instead. Offerred to sunscreen my men, but was told they wouldn’t be out that long.

An hour later, Beloved came in. He and Dearest had been joined by at least six other completely parent-free kids, at least four of which don’t live here. What can ya do ? We grabbed the apples and crackers from Aldi’s and the last of the water bottles and took them out, as well as every towel in the house. Yes. Kids were out there with no parents, no food, no water, and no towels. We gathered it all and he took it back out.

Two hours after that, they came in, but the parade at the door didn’t stop for some time. There were requests for more snacks, loans of pool toys, questions about Ginger-kitty, requests for the bathroom. (sigh) And an hour after that, Dearest and Beloved’s sunburns ‘came in’ – they were as red as brick ovens, and gave off as much heat as a pair of them at Panera Bread at the peak of lunch rush. When we went out for sunburn relief and sodas, we saw two of the kids walking home, about two blocks from the apartments, dripping wet. One kid was shorter than the lowest water level in the pool ! We still don’t know where they live, or why it was OK for them to be gone all day with no parenting at all. Scary.

Of course, my guys hurt and are a bit crabby. I’m just selfishly glad I didn’t go out. Imagine coughing hard enough to see stars while you have a sunburn ! I still remember the ‘annual’ ones I got every vacation we went to the beach. The family would rent a big house or several trailers (depending on how various members were getting along) right on the coast, and we’d spend our first non-travel day out on the sand and in the sea, all day. Then come back to the rental(s), red as lobsters and twice as snappy. Rest of vacation was spent sleeping late, reading, playing card and board games, eating family fave and takeout foods off a never-ending supply of paper plates, napping, visiting, shopping, and walking on the beach late at night, hunting for shells and listening to the ocean. I got separated from my all-older cousins on one walk, caught in the moon’s liquid spell, but when they found me, I’ve never felt so loved. I’ve been caught up in love several times since then, but that was the first. You always remember.

I wonder if the moon’s out tonight…?

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  1. Taking care of abandoned children? You're a better person than I, Dorrie!