Friday, June 28, 2013

‘Home Ick’ Abbey is adorable…

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…but I’m still going to let her go. My photos aren’t ever as sharp as they can be, so I’ll have to tell you about some of her awesome details. Her pink earring is a pair of measuring spoons, her blue one is a spatula, the kind you flip pancakes with. So cute ! Her dress is really pretty, with matching cuffs and collar, but I may decide to remove the bow at the neck and the tulle overskirt. Ya’ll know how I am about bows, and the overskirt just looks a bit odd to me. Before I got them, I thought the tulle was part of her apron. Nope, it’s sewn to the dress. While it’ll be really simple without it, I think I’ll like her dress without ragged-edge glitter-tulle.

She also has a simple pink ‘bead’ bracelet, and boots. I’m torn on the boots. I like the translucent purple color and sort of like the shape, but the blue bubbles and blobs on the soles and sides seem odd. The boot top edges and heels have, of course, icicle details, but you can barely see them. I may wipe off the bubbles, see if I like the boots better that way.  

What really cinches it for me is her hair. The candy-like stripes have lots of fans, but they’re just not…’Abbey’ to me. It’s a shame, ‘cause she really is pretty, and as yesterday’s photo shows, she’s actually a slightly deeper blue than my Signature Abbey, and her ‘frost’ body glitter is less noticeable.

Plus, the set comes with  a ton of adorable props. The bowl and spoon our School playset gargoyle is about to feast with are part of this set, along with a half frozen/half brown dessert, a measuring cup with something green within, a black claw whisk, and a green-eyed…cookie jar ? Not sure, but I like to think it’s full of sugar eyeballs and Doom House cookies, so it is.

I’m hoping to check on something tomorrow, but I should still have time to debox Ghoulia and Cleo afterwards ! I like to give m’self stuff to look forward to !

Although a new doll says the girls will be back tomorrow, too. Yes, they were here today as well – what the heck ? Do they even* have* parents ?! – but my guys stayed in due to their burns, so I just kept a loose eye on them. It’s so sad that they’re so alone…

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