Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Abigail's Night Out - why should the ghouls have all the fun ?

Current Mood : Joyed !

What a great day today was ! We didn’t go anywhere, but I had a lot of fun. Beloved Hubby’s birthday present arrived a bit over a week early, but it’s software he was trying out. His trial ends tomorrow, but he’ll have the full version installed in a few minutes. He’s so excited and happy – and so am I. He’s almost impossible to buy for, so when he mentioned how much he liked the trial version, I jumped right in. It was actually less than we’d budgeted for, with his student discount, so he still has a few bucks to have fun with.

My birthday isn’t until next month, but it’s already shopped for, too. And I’ll be lucky if it’s here by my birthday ! The bleachers and podium I wanted have been ordered, and my receipt says they’ll probably be on the way at the first of the month. I know the seller makes them as-needed, but I tried to give him a heads-up that I’d be ordering last month. Guess he hears a lot of that, though, then never hears from the buyer again, so I can’t be too upset. Not like I can do much with them if they arrive next week anyway, we still have a couple weeks of monsoon season left, then it goes straight into ‘too hot to go outside to even take out trash’ summer, usually. At least projects dry quickly !

Should be able to spray-paint one of the Coffin Bean chairs Friday or Saturday. Already have a new can of green Fusion ready to go. Discovered how to detach the chair legs last week, so I should get thorough coverage. If you ask me, those chairs ‘fit’ Abigail much better than the other ghouls, they keep sliding off. Altered the Barbie dress I bought yesterday, mostly moving half the Velcro ™ over and taking up the shoulder seams so the v-neck wasn’t too low. Her new glasses came in – a friend on the MLP MH board sold them and some shoes, and I was all greedy for them. Those are the glasses from Ghoulia’s Deluxe fashion pack, and I also scored Frankie’s red ‘I <3 Fashion’ sandals, Spectra’s silver ‘budget’ fashion slides, DracuLaura’s black no-heel pumps, and another pair of those classic FM black pumps, from the ‘Bee Girl’ CAM set. I love having more of those FMs – if I could afford it, I’d have a pair for each ghoul !

I also found some rather expensive fabric I wanted, in a roundabout fashion. Saw a doll dress on a friend’s Flickr Photostream, and went hunting for it. Found the seller, but no more dress in that fabric, so I then went hunting for the fabric. Found it ! And, like the bleachers, it’s a ‘made as needed’ project, so it’ll be a few weeks, too. Sorry to be so fey about it, but I can’t wait to show it to you, all made up and gorgeous. That used up my celebration funds, but I’m happy !

We sprang for takeout Chinese, and mine was heavenly. Gonna pounce on Beloved’s uneaten Hot & Sour soup tomorrow, while he’s snoozing. If I know him at all, he’ll be up all night with his new program, and will be barely conscious at 9am. He has this week off ‘til the weekend, though, so it’s all good.

Hope I can get him to knock out a few projects around here…in a day or three. It’ll take him that long to see daylight again, between sleep and his program ! 

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