Monday, June 17, 2013

I just love Abigail's new spring selection !

Current Mood : Celebratory ! 

Today was just lovely, not hot – but so darn humid, I could hardly move. Arrrgh.

We updated our printer this weekend, basically arranged for an in-store pickup for a sale mono laser scanner/ printer/ copier that Beloved Hubby’s had his eye on for a while. It went on sale in yesterday’s newspaper ad, and since we have an offer for our old one that’s still good, why not ? It was waiting for us at the register, but since he’s working tonight, there wasn’t time to install it. He’s pretty excited though, so it’ll probably be up and running by this time tomorrow. That’s good – I got two altered /revised patterns waiting to go.

I got to sew, though ! My alterations to Mazouko’s Midnight Magic doll dress went OK, but it just barely closes in the back. And the ‘sleeves’ are just barely tank-top straps now. I kinda like it like that, though. Hope to fix the back for the next trial. Decided to make another dress, so I gathered a rectangle and attached it. Not bad !

I had an idea for Abigail’s shoes last week – they should be here this week, wish me luck that they fit ! 

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