Sunday, June 9, 2013

I love these things - so scientific and wise-looking !

Current Mood : Tight

We got two inches of rain last night, and the pool guy is off all weekend. So why there’s three screamers loudly doin’ what they do in there today is beyond me. I tell ya, the wrong people get sunburned, ‘cause the screamers have been in there four hours now. Maybe they scream so the parents who aren’t out there with them can hear that they’re OK, but it really is annoying, and dangerous when I finally get tired of all the shrill and reach for the headphones. Ah, well. I would say ‘it’s getting dark, so there won’t be much more of that’, but I can’t, since people were in the pool during last night’s rainstorm. I can’t be sure anybody around here acts in their own best interests, much less common sense, so…. where are my headphones again  ?

I’m kind of stuck at my Arena perch, due to the awesome high humidity. We’ve had rain off and on all week, and the in-betweens are killing my airways. Between that (we call it Monsoon Season), the pollen, and a lot of animal dander and Cottonwood spores drifting on the light breeze, with gunk building up in my lungs at night, Spring is my worst season. I really have to watch my exertions, ‘cause with all that going on, my asthma is too easy to trigger. It makes it entirely too easy to be lazy and not do much but daydream.

But I make those big ones ! One day, I'm gonna get a barometer, so I know what to expect from the day - and I'm gonna have to learn to read one, too ! 

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