Friday, June 7, 2013

If she arrives in pants, first thing I'll sew for her will be a dress - always !

Current Mood : Pleased. 

Yaay ! Today, I sewed ! House was nice and quiet, Beloved Hubby was at work, Dearest Son was snoozing, and I’d seen that episode of Law & Order a hundred times, it was only worth having on for Lenny-ogling. I decided to try another pattern I found, this one made for the Midnight Magic MH clones by Flickr fan Mazouko. I wondered if it’d fit Abigail, and there’s no other way to tell !

The pattern – snaggable here , with a photo of the finished item next to it – looked great, but I increased the seam allowance to my usual quarter-inch, and added a quarter inch to the neckline and armholes, since they weren’t hemmed in the original. It sewed up nicely, even with all the darts, and while the armholes are a bit small, the rest fits Abigail great. Still, I think next time, I’ll sew it as separates, since the blouse is such a good fit, and the skirt needs only a waistband for it to work as a separate pattern, as well. Next time I sew it as a dress, I’d like to try it with a fluffier skirt, gathered a bit. I like it as-is, though, it’s such a classic look, pared down and elegant. It can really use some nice jewelry and a belt, but I wanted ya’ll to see the bare version.

Yeah, it kinda ranks I finally found thread to match that fabric, and it ranks twice over because there’s so little of the thread left. I might get one simple skirt out of it before it’s all gone. Ah, well. I’m glad what I did came out so nicely ! 

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