Thursday, June 20, 2013

I just love this 'novel' art !

Current Mood : Happy. I think. 

We installed my new printer today – Beloved Hubby decided to keep his laser printer, now that he fixed it, too – so the new one was installed primarily for me and Dearest Son to use. It’s nice ! Scanner works great, and we don’t have to wait or hold off on printing if someone’s asleep. Both use the same print head and toner, so it’s like having a built-in back up, just in case. DMIL and FIL can use my old inkjet printer/scanner, so as soon as I get all the drivers, discs, manuals, and wires, it’s all theirs.

After we dropped Dearest Son off for a daylong visit, we hit Aldi’s for groceries and headed home. My dolls are in Kentucky right now, so there’s little hope of them arriving before Monday. Rats ! I really should count my blessings, since, if I had to wait for them to show up around here, I probably wouldn’t have ‘em ‘til August !

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