Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A very gifted day !

Current Mood : Perkier ! 

Today began with a thoughtful but unexpected gift. Ginger-kitty sauntered in this morning bearing a near visible attitude of ‘So there !’ and I soon saw why. One of the family of clattering, hyperactive blue jays that nest in the courtyard was…um, no more. She’d left the rest for us as a gift, or possibly as a warning to the rest of the unfortunate avian’s survivors. Not sure she cared what the bird’s eventual final destiny was, she’d had her say, and it was complete, as far as Ginger was concerned.

I don’t have a good history with blue jays. My most beloved cat from my youth had a bald patch near his otherwise completely distinguished tail, from where those blue buzzards bombed him all Spring. I saw his revenge. One flew in low, where he was lounging in the backyard, a fatal mistake in judgment. He went from lounge to launch in less time than it took you to read that, pushing off the earth from a dead rest, exploding upwards, snatching the bird in midair, and slamming it back down to the ground with a finality that I both heard and felt. The splayed wings and awkward feet were on display for several hours before my feline Street Fighter dispatched the body once and for all. His fur grew in, and I joined the Army, and to this day, am not sure those events aren’t connected.  

Then, as I sat down to my trusty computer to begin another day, I found a second gift. Beloved Hubby had gone out earlier and left a sweet surprise for me – rock candy ! (blush) When we were out & about yesterday, I saw them at a register, and said how I always loved how pretty and magical rock candy looks, but I can’t bring m’self to buy any, knowing it’s maybe two cents of sugar and ten cents of stick, not much more. He bought me one of each color/flavor they had. Of course, I’ll share them with Dearest Son, but I was so delighted, I squealed ! I’ll even let Dearest have the red one.

The rest of the day was pretty quiet. I miss sewing, but just don’t have the sustained energy I need yet. Long as I sit still, I’m darn near perfectly healthy, so unfortunately, I’m sitting around a lot. It’s still so easy for me to go out of breath, I really have to watch what I do. Even holding my breath for a few seconds can leave me gasping, and it’s amazing how many times a day I do that. My father was a newspaper man for most of my youth, meaning he did everything from ad sales to ad copywriting to page layouts to reporting to photography, any and all as needed. He taught me to hold my breath as I squeezed the shutter, for the steadiest camera hold yields the best photos, and to take every shot at least twice. I still do that every time. Thank Everything that recent pictures have been really simple !

Rearranged a few more things since I moved the printer, and figured I might as well get that broken in – I had patterns to scan and Dearest had Harry Potter images for me to print ! He now has a full set of House crests, and some other coloring book images to play with, and I’ve finally stored all my altered and new patterns. Glad that’s over with - she’s our printer/scanner now.  And I can’t wait to get my old one to my DM & FIL’s, and out from underfoot ! 

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