Monday, June 24, 2013

They’re here !

Current Mood : Happily wheezing !

It was so funny. I checked UPS tracking for my dolls and Dearest Son’s video game just before I went to bed last night, so it was still onscreen when I and the computer woke up. Just for kicks, I hit ‘refresh’. Still in CapitolCity, nothing new. Fine. Beloved Hubby made pancakes and bought juice, so I was happily involved with breakfast anyway. Delicious, and not soup ! I’ve basically been living on soup and crackers for the past week. We probably spent a quarter of our Aldi’s total on soup !

Figured I’d just open the door a bit – I’m still easily breathless most of the day, so I’d mostly spend it as usual, perched on my Arena chair two feet away – and clear the desktop, so I hit ‘refresh’ one more time. Delivered ! About fifteen minutes prior. The box was at the office, waiting. Don’t think I’ve ever seen Dearest eat pancakes that fast before…

Long story short (too late !), I got all I ordered, and everything was in good shape. Dearest's game was brand-new, something that wasn't completely clear from the description or price, which was really cheap ! There’s my very own Heath and Abbey, but I won’t keep her. Gonna steal all her clothes, and see if I can sell/trade her. Abbey’s unique hair – and the fact that about half yer MH fans don’t collect the guys for various reasons – has a lot of people wanting just half the set. Hope someone wants a redressed one, I love the dress she comes wearing !

Ghoulia is also gorgeous, as is Cleo – you get to see them tomorrow. Like this set, I’m keeping one (Ghoulia, of course) and looking for a new home for the other. Love to keep them all, but space is so limited… This just leaves one doll to hunt, the probable TRU-exclusive Scarah Screams I <3 Fashion version. And there’s no clue when she’s due. Barring some awesome new guys, I think I’m about to detach from the Mattel mothership. I just don’t have the space, and I can darn near make any clothes I want now. I have more than enough of everything to continue on my own without buying much more. At this point, I just want Slow-Moe, and any other guys they choose to market. That’s about it. 


  1. Glad you're feeling better enough to move on from soup. I'm looking for Ghoulia/Cleo set. Love what they're both wearing. I'm not sold on Heath. I don't collect all the guys or gals. There's not too much more MHwise I'm looking for

  2. Wow! I love that set! I wish Heath came separately, though. I like Abbey's new outfit, but don't really need another one of her knocking around, here. ^^;

    The box art is just too adorable, though. Poor Heath!