Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Not much going on. Wanna color ?

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I got to sew *early* today ! We had drawing class, and one of Beloved Hubby’s students has a birthday today. We found out ahead of time, so we hit Hobby Lobby Monday and got him a great gift – thanks to advice from his lovely Mom. It wasn’t until late last night that I realized we didn’t have a scrap of wrapping paper in the whole place, and not even gift bags or newspaper, either. Just some crumpled tissue paper.

So, I got up early and made a neat drawstring gift bag ! I realize most folks would get up early and go buy something, but we had to leave for class at 8:30am, and many stores around here aren’t open that early…and the few that are usually  well on their way to becoming a disaster area at that hour. It was kind of a choice between ‘spend an hour buying something’ and ‘spend an hour making it instead’, and since I had all I needed ready to go, I chose the ‘make’ option. Even used up some ancient thread, emptied a bobbin, and used up all the ‘yardage’ I had of that fabric I used for Frankie and Hutch’s Memorial Day clothes. Still have lots of scrap pieces though. Since the birthday boy loves patriotic themes, and that fabric wasn’t especially ‘girly’ in any way, it was a natural choice. It was still in a wad beside the Arena, too. Now he has a good, sturdy tote bag to reuse, and I’ve freed up some space, and it became an additional gift without costing us a dime or ending up in the trash. Even Beloved was impressed. Win-win-win !

Dearest Son was a bit too excited to notice anything beyond going to Granny & Grandpa’s after class, though. 

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