Saturday, June 22, 2013

It's silly how happy I am about my new printer !

Current Mood : Improving !

I feel a little better today – mostly because I slept. A lot. Nearly all day. So much so, that when Beloved Hubby left for work, he reviewed the ‘emergency sequence’ with Dearest Son, and asked DMIL to call me, just to check up. I’m still weak as free tea, but I got some dishes done (it was embarrassing how they’d piled up) and reorganizing the rainbow drawer cart once more. With the new printer, I need a paper drawer, so I shuffled stuff around until I had one cleared for it. Yaay !

Later tonight, I’m gonna move the new printer. Beloved very sweetly put it on a small table next to the dinner table, so it wouldn’t take up very limited Arena space. What he doesn’t know is that I’ve been trying to eliminate that very table, since it keeps us from eating at the dinner table, for weeks. He got it all cleared for the printer, I’m gonna finish the job and shuffle my sewing machines and such,  relocate the printer, and hide the table. Probably behind or under the sofa !

House looks like heck while I’m sick, but my Arena’s nice and clean and organized ! Long as I can sit down while I do it, I can get a lot done. Already bagged up everything I can find from my old printer, and we hope to see DMIL & FIL next week, pass it off. According to Beloved, I can even print on transparency sheets now – and we have lots of those, bought cheap at thrift stores years ago. Wow. My ole inkjets could sort of print on those, the ink just never really dried and would smear, three years later. Ask me how I know this. 

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  1. That's a lovely printer! I'm jealous! Hope you're feeling better soon!