Monday, June 3, 2013

I saved the desk !

Current Mood : Frugal and happy

I got to take Dearest Son to TRU and Target today ! And neither of us found jack. While our brick-and-mortar had the Bloodgood/ Nightmare set, they had absolutely nothing else new. Even their Scaris Cleo and Lagoona were sold out. They had lots of Werecat twins, tons of Ghouls Alive!, and inexplicably, at least two cases each of Sweet 1600 and the first run of Picture Day, all DLaura and Frankie. About the only new thing was one of those $2. character-licensed tote bags, except these were $2.50, and even the design was nothing new, just the now-standard ‘character faces in diamond shapes’ one.

Target wasn’t much better off. I’ve learned not to trust their online  ‘in stock’ checker, since it goes more by the store item number – which will delineate an entire line like Roller Maze, not one specific RM character – than the online item number, which does. So when it showed that our local store had numerous Picture Day Operettas, I knew they didn’t. And I was right, which happens so rarely, you’d think I’d be happy about it. They did have about sixteen DLaura PDs, though. And a few dozen Roller Maze, Swim Class, and again, Sweet 1600s, but only Frankie this time. There were a few Scarily Ever After and Power Ghouls, and two Skull Shores sets, but no accessories or anything else.

Poor Dearest got skunked on the Lego sets he was looking for, and there was no new My Little Pony at all in either place. I can kind of understand the MH shelves being fulla older stuff, but it seemed odd that two other major toy manufacturers also showed nothing new that’s not been out for months already. Ah, well. Maybe more to spend later, although he found a book he wanted and I got a Barbie outfit for Agnes (HH Bloodgood) that fits amazingly well as-is, but I’m gonna snug it up a bit. You’ll see the original fit tomorrow, it’s sooo cute on her !

I still don’t think ‘Agnes’ is her right name, but it’s close. Maybe it’s ‘Agatha’, or something similar. It’s funny, but every time I play with her, I’m amazed at her ‘regular doll’ skin tone. It’s like reaching for Elphaba but finding Glinda in your hands instead ! And yes, she’s wearing one of the Mulan cheongsams – it fits her better than it fits Clawdeen, but I don’t have any good shoes for her to wear with it.


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