Saturday, June 15, 2013

Sure, the dispenser said 'Banana Blast', but I think it's really 'Liquid Peep'

Current Mood : Sugar high. I can feel the crash a'coming....

Sewed today, too – one day, I’ll have to get back to sewing doll clothes ! I confess, earlier this week, I thought I bought some specialty fabric for Abigail Bloodgood (and Nightmare !), but as it turned out, what I thought was a Buy It Now was actually just a  regular auction for bids. After that cloth sat on eBay for days, possibly weeks, someone came along and outbid me a quarter at the last minute. Imagine my surprise when I went to pay for it, and not only was it not mine, but I never got an outbid notice. (sigh) Ah, well, was my own fault for attempting to buy something online when I’m not at my best (when even my best barely makes it most days !) and wasn’t being careful.

Problem is, I wasn’t letting go and re-engaging somewhere else. I haunted and hunted for that same print for waaay too long, and evidently, that cutaway scrap was the only piece left on the planet. It took another shiny scrap to finally distract me, and it came in today. You’d think, with the parsecs of fabric I have at my hands and hips around the Arena, I could have found something in-house, so to speak, for my next planned project, but no, if I couldn’t have precisely what I wanted, I was at least gonna get something new ! I am such a child sometimes…

And you’re gonna laugh when I tell ya why I wanted it. I decided that Abigail’s clothes and shoes are gonna be hard to pick out of the masses of regular-body MH wear, so I decided to make her a drawstring bag for her shoes and a zipper one for her apparel. Did the same thing, with rose-print fabric I already had, for Howleen. The first print was appropriately horse-themed, and when that opportunity sailed, I found a lovely variegated green with tiny gold moons and stars scrap. I used about 2/3 of it, and have enough for a dress and a shirt or two. Yaaay !

And the bags are made – I’d show ya, but they’re really nothing special at all. At least the one I made for a birthday gift was big. 

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