Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Current Mood : Well, tired. 

I know I’m still ill when I’m falling asleep every ten minutes I’m sitting down – and that’s after two glasses of soda ! I drink so little caffeine these days, a little goes a long way, so a single glass a day is plenty. A cuppa coffee is now enough to launch me into the stratosphere ! But not today. Even the screechy screams of an episode of Bridezillas wasn’t enough to keep me awake.

Perhaps that’s why I gave in. I’m tired physically and mentally, and I took the easy option. Kinda mad at m’self for doing that, but it’s done and I can’t say I’m not relieved. And I’ll have what I want Monday, there’s something to be said for basic satisfaction. (sigh) So, okay. I found a seller with both of the new Classroom Partners dolls, $70. delivered. I’ll have the Heath and Ghoulia I want, and Abbey and Cleo to sell or whatevs. I have no idea how much the MSRP is on these dolls, I figured they’d each be about $20- $30. And I hit it. Sure, I overpaid a bit, but I figure it’ll save at least that much in gas and driving around, and it’s done. I’m pretty excited, but kinda feel bad for giving in to an admittedly low-profit scalper. D’ya’ll think I should take down the ‘no scalping’ pledge sign down ?

So it stands to reason that not a heckuvalot got done today. We need a long cable to network the new printer, and we have one…we think. It’s at DMIL & FIL’s house, last time we saw it. We’ll probably visit tomorrow. Beloved Hubby has his Library class to teach, and hopefully, I’ll be awake enough to go, too ! 

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