Tuesday, June 11, 2013

My 'Shoe Monster' has been appeased. For now.

Current Mood : Pleased.

I got what I wanted ! I probably screwed it up, but I just don’t care. I’m happy with what I did, and it’ll save me money in the long run. Go, me !

The one thing that bugged me about Abigail Bloodgood was her total lack of footwear. I’m sure the Nefera fans can sing me to sleep with the same song, since they’ve honed that verse to melodious poetry because they’ve dealt with it a lot longer.  You can make a convincing argument either way, that each doll has limits to what her issue shoes can do for her, but when the rubber meets the road, there’s just too few options for either doll. Even when they can each wear the other’s shoes, there’s only so many fashions that call for themed slingbacks and knee-boots.

And good luck buying just Nefera’s shoes. The days for those to go for less than ten bucks are over. They now go for more than the doll did ! And that’s when you can find them. Arrgh. The few handmade pairs out there just didn’t match my thoughts of Abigail’s character, so I was kinda stuck. Like the MH dolls, all I really wanted was a pair of classic black FM pumps. It took a year and a half for Mattel to give us those, and even then, only as a CAM add-on set – I wasn’t taking bets on how long it’d be before Nefera or Abigail got their pair.

So I made my own, sort of. I found several pair of Abigail’s boots up for sale, chose a good seller I had experience with, and bought ‘em. They arrived today, and were barely out of the baggie when I started making plans. Grabbed my chalk pen and sketched about where to cut on both, and in less time than it takes to type, Abigail had a decent pair of black FM pumps – and they only cost $10. Yeah, kinda silly to pay that for doll shoes when my new ones were nine bucks, but when it’s that or $18.99 for just Nefera’s shoes that I still have to alter, I’m glad I did what I did. Maybe I could have cut them smoother, made them more parallel, took that tiny snip that would have put them over the top, but I’m satisfied with them as they are, and I’ve learned the hard way to stop when I’m good. Or she’ll end up with an ugly pair of black flip-flops, and I’ll be back on eBay, hoping her issue boots are still ten bucks when I get money again, so I can try to get it right the next time. So, there you have ‘em, I’m happy.

Just wish this darn rain would stop, so I can spray-paint her chair already ! 

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