Monday, March 25, 2013

You know it's a true tribute when fans laugh.

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They say you know you’ve made it into the public’s eye when Mad magazine parodies you. I think Topps’ Wacky Packages isn’t far behind that august publication. Found today’s image while prowling around eBay – won a pair of Jemgirl Creations shoes for less than half price, delivered ! – and part of me wants to buy it. I have a few memories of Wackies from the early 70s, my teenage babysitter’s older brother collected them, and would occasionally give me duplicates he couldn’t trade, or would show me his latest collection additions when he was home. He kept them in photo albums. I had ‘Virginia Slums’ – a particular favorite of mine, as I was born in Va. – ‘Fish-Bone’ salad dressing, and ‘Putrid Cat Chow’, also loved for the cats with clothespins on their noses. Probably more, but those are the ones I remember.

I think this one’s funny, because you can see it’s wearing a simplified version of Ghoulia’s Skull Shores swimsuit. Even the hairstyle, pose, and box colors are right, although they’ve interpreted her ‘brain’ barrette as a bow, and her ‘lung’ earring as a set of crossbones. She didn’t get those – in red – until her TRU exclusive scooter set. The artist who drew this either had the doll right in front of him/her, or drew from an online photo. If you’d ask me, that kind of involved detail meant someone enjoyed doing it, and is probably a fan.

Got to sew last night and today – I had a lotta ideas rolling around in my head. There wasn’t much to stop them. I wanted a skirt to go with the one-shoulder bodice I sewed in that blue fabric the other day, and I also want a boucle lame black skirt, just longer than the one DracuLaura’s wearing. So I lengthened the slim skirt from NG Creations’ first pattern (pieces #13 and #14) and sewed it up, and it looks just the way I wanted. Paired with the blouse-bodice, it looked pretty good on Lagoona.

Then I had another idea. Some photos of the upcoming ‘Music Festival’ MH line showed another Clawd and DracuLaura set. Many fans despaired at the ‘boring clothes’ they were shown wearing. To me, it’s what everyday high-school kids would wear to a summer concert, plus some recycled shoes. Not to mention, the photo wasn’t very good. But Clawd, despite all the times I get a twinge of envy post about having both when many fans couldn’t find one, got rejected for his shorts, tank top, and flip-flops. It's Clawd - the guy you all want ! Why not snag him and just redress him ? His stock's frequently up on eBay and message boards for sale ! 

You know me, it may take a while to percolate, but eventually, I have my say. I decided to make something *really* boring ! I now have my very own ‘Music Festival’ Lagoona and Gil, and they’re both wearing all blue. Perfectly matching, all four pieces. Used NG Creations Pattern #3 for his shorts and tank top (#19, #20). Recycled accents, jewelry, and shoes. I’ll post that photo tomorrow – and you know it’ll appear on the message board where poor Clawd got dissed. Probably a couple other places, too. 

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