Thursday, March 28, 2013

Pretty Fly for a Normie Guy !

Current Mood : Pretty fly, m'self !

It’s one of my ‘me’ days today – Dearest Son left for an overnight with his grandparents’ along with Beloved Hubby, who has classes all day. I had laundry on the agenda, and a lot of use-it-or-lose-it food to whip into breakfast and lunch, possibly dinner. Beloved’s working tonight. But I also had the rest of a whole day to do as I pleased.

So I knocked out the chores first, and got a fresh load of laundry done, then five loads of laundry put away. It was starting to pile up, but in small drifts scattered throughout the place. The living room alone had stashes equal to two loads, so did the kitchen. Not gonna tell you what was hiding in Dearest’s room ! I keep tellin’ my fellas if it’s not in the hamper, I don’t wash it, and if the hamper’s less than half-full, I don’t do laundry, but I still end up harvesting socks from every semi-quiet corner around the sofa and front door. I am soooo gonna leverage this into take-out fried chicken this weekend.

Breakfast and lunch were mostly made-from-scratch efforts with leftovers, but I used up three sprouty potatoes, two going-fast eggs, stale bread, a third of a can of bean soup, with the last of a bag of noodles.  Still plenty of potatoes and bread left for dinner ! Too bad I’m sick of taters for the next few days…

Work and dining done, I wanted to sew ! And my little comment on the Flickr page that hosts the Gil & Lagoona ‘Beach Music Festival’ photo – that I could have easily made Gil pants, but decided to do shorts, since they drive most fans crazy – kinda bugged me. I didn’t wanna brag. So I made the pants just like the shorts, but I tried something new…a fly front ! Normally, I don’t even do a fake fly that fastens in the back, but I wanted to ‘go for it’, and actually make pants that close in the front.

Pulled up NG Creations’ third pattern set, and got to it. Had to print out a fresh pattern, as I’d altered my last two into ‘boot cut’ and ‘sweatpants’  versions during last year’s ‘Boyfiends Week’, which I need to repeat soon. Followed the directions for piece #22, only to find them a bit confusing. The pattern’s description says they close in front with a Velcro ™ fake fly, but the illustrations and directions have the Velcro ™ in the back and a fake fly stitched flat in front. I kinda cobbled it together my way, and there’s a fly in front with Velcro, just not done very well. But I’ll improve with practice, and no one can say I lied about making pants as easily as shorts. I even did the ribbon trim on the sides, for kicks. Plus, I kinda need practice in keeping ribbon straight as I sew, too.

Just waiting for Beloved to come home – I think I’ll just goof off the rest of the night. Wonder if I can find something on Netflix…

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  1. Hello from Spain: I like these pants. You know very well. We keep in touch.