Friday, March 22, 2013

I didn't choose the Barbie life...the Barbie life won't leave me alone !

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Good news ! We paid a bill we really didn’t have to, and it’s been settled in our favor, so a refund check is already on the way ! While it’s not a fortune, it’s diesel and groceries for most of a month, so I’m happy !

OK. So. Been thinking about Barbies lately. Guess I’m sharing Deborah’s ‘Monster High Slump’, even though I’ve obtained several new dolls, and there’s been new info and photos out, I still feel a bit blah about it all. To tell the truth, the very little I want won’t be out ‘til August, which is kinda why I went ahead and snagged the Scaris set. I’m sure there’ll be the usual surprise dolls along the way, but I’m kinda tapped for now.

So my fickle mind turns to other dolls. Today I found an $8. pattern for making my own versions of Timey Tell’s issue dress, something I’ve always wanted to do. Still…eight bucks. I may try to make it m’self first. Plus, I’ve barely touched Elphie and Fiyero, or the LDPs, including Princess Dorrie, and my few remaining sixth-scale dolls that aren’t MH…I’ll confess, with space becoming more of an issue than anything else, I was giving serious thought to ditching Barbie altogether…but I can’t do it. I can’t give up Midge, or Leia, or Malibu, or Molly and Nephlyte, or Lottie…

In fact, my special treat from Aldi’s is pictured above. It’s so funny – I’d been hearing how fans have found the new swimsuit MH dolls at Aldi’s for $8.99, yet I wasn’t interested. But when we went yesterday, I did dig through the overloaded sole cardboard bin of dolls, marked with Barbie, MH, and Disney Princess logos. There was not one single MH doll, and only two DPs. Evidently, the Pink Shoes Barbie line isn’t selling as well. I snagged the sole Belle, mostly because she had the same face as the unfortunately permanently dressed Belle ballerina I bought last year.

It’s really a sweet doll in amazing packaging. Once the liner is removed, you can see how great it is. The bed has a 3-d footboard, and is angled to elevate the doll’s head. There’s a cardboard roll-pillow supporting her, and it’s themed to match the rose-printed ‘sheets’. The ‘Chip’ pillow is made of cheap fabric, but it’s a cute, useable prop. The windowsill is also 3-D, showing a crescent moon, and the sill holds a brush, mirror, toothpaste, cup, and toothbrush. I wish I could keep the packaging.

The outside box has a coupon for an Oral B kids’ manual toothbrush, illustrated with what’s probably the DP one, the image is too small to see much detail. You can also snag Sleeping Beauty  (pink owl print) or Rapunzel (purple Pascal print) in the same line. Also available at Target, and other stores, if you don’t have an Aldi’s.

As for Belle herself, she came with the stuff I mentioned, plus a loose, light yellow nightie with a Chip and Mrs. Potts print, that (sigh) is only on the front. Plain yellow on the Velcro ™ closure back. The neckline is neat, though, it mimics her iconic gold gown, but in hot pink tulle, with a plastic pink rose button in the center. She also has a yellow plastic eye mask with a crown on top that fits very well. I was relieved to note that it does come off – ever since I ran into ‘permanent crown-mask’ Three Musketeers Barbie, I try not to take those things for granted. I like her slippers, they’re designed to look like the oversized fuzzy kind, with a rose design on each. Surprisingly, she has flat feet ! Barbie ‘gymnast body’ shoes are a bit big on her, but they fit. No twist waist or bend knees, and her figure is a bit thick, but her hair is lovely and her face has that slightly wistful, sad expression I fell in love with last year.

The only big problem is this. DP Belle has brown eyes. Ballerina Belle ’12 has green, which I prefer. DP has better hair, so while I can just swap heads, I’m not sure I wanna. Either way, I can at least quit looking for a body upgrade for Ballerina now. 

Oh, and because we all might need it - 

Hope you bag a buncha bucks ! 

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