Sunday, March 31, 2013

Nothin' but batty skies do I see...

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I heard the most horrible thing ever today. For some reason, I decided to watch some darn wedding show, and during the intro, this voice intones, “You only have this one day to express yourself …” I think it’s a woman in one opening, a man in another season. Either way…what the heck ? One day in your whole entire life to express yourself ?! Does anyone actually believe that, or is the person talking nuts ? I express myself every day ! Every doll dress I sew is an expression. Every time I shake my big can to a few notes of music, I exist. What I am is apparent each time I speak – and I talk.  A lot. You probably already know that from reading more than two entries. No wonder so many brides and grooms are crazy by the time the ‘big day’ rolls around, if they’re being fed garbage like that – and they’re paying people to tell them this junk ! I really feel bad for the ones who’ve spent thousands of dollars and actually feel squelched or that they’ll never have a chance to ‘express themselves’ ever again. Boring as heck marriage, if you ask me, when nobody expresses anything.

Anyway. I ‘expressed myself’ again, late last night. By the time I was done, it qualified as today, so here we are ! Wanted to try my alteration of that NG Creations drop-waist bodice, so I sewed it up. Almost too tight, so you’ll see it at least once more, for the new, new version. I’m down to the last scraps, so the new2 version will probably finish up the blue fabric, or leave just enough for half a pair of shorts or something. It made a nice, if really plain dress, so I decided to dress it up a bit.

You may have noticed, I don’t often use trims or much decoration on my creations. Heck, when you really look at classic Barbie attire, Mattel didn’t, either. It’s partially because, if I’ve sewn something great, I don’t wanna bury it under glitter and lace and rhinestones. I’ve seen too many doll outfits – and people clothes, too, if ya wanna get into it – that literally drip with  tulle and bows and roses and glitz…and under it all is a super-simple, not even fitted, tube. Well, if I was trying to sell a tube made out of a t-shirt for $20. (plus s/h !), I’d feel like I had to glamor it up, too !

To me, simplicity is elegance and elegance is beautiful. Unadorned, simple lines flatter much better than all the d├ęcor in the world. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some shiny ! It’s that I’m ridiculously proud (although private about it ) of my sewing, and I love precision, so I want to show it off when I achieve ! Plus, the simple fact is, I have no idea how to sew sequins and such. Despite the other simple fact that the Universe knows I have enough ribbon, lace, and other trims to stretch between planets, if not galaxies. I merely lack the confidence and possibly skill to attach it to anything. Well, time to get that over with ! I did OK with the ribbon on the boyfiends’ clothes – let’s go a little further.

When I saw how pretty DracuLaura’s new dress was coming out – tight in the bodice or not – the first thing I thought of was the lovely trim I bought during a previous supply run to Hancock Fabrics. The one before the trips to get all that lame boucle knit, I mean. I found some killer clearance sales and scored that delicate, slightly iridescent trim for 25c a yard, marked down from $3./yd. At the time, I thought it’d look great on Lagoona, but it’s pretty and will look good on anyone. Except maybe Cleo. She insists on gold. I bought the entire reel, which was nearly four yards, but they only charged me for three, so I had plenty to experiment with.

Had no idea how to attach trim to skirt, but I figured I’d better do it while the skirt was still a rectangular cut. Grabbed some scraps and cut a small length of trim off the end – which immediately began to fray as soon as I took the Hancock’s applied tape off – and went to it. I figured a longer stitch with looser tension would work. And it did ! So, long story short (too late !), this latest dress has some trim on it. Yaaay. I’m sure time and experience will give me more confidence with applying it elsewhere, besides just a hem.

I’ve been wanting to use that ‘bat’ scrapbook paper backdrop for years – but most of what I tried to photograph with it were prints that clashed. Glad this worked. I called it ‘Batty for Spring DracuLaura’, which still makes me laugh. 

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