Sunday, March 24, 2013

Belle dreams of Scaris...

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Now I know who Ginger-kitty prefers ! I had Scaris Cleo and Lagoona on their stands, a bit isolated from the rest of the MH herd, when Ginger suddenly jumped on my desk. She gave Cleo a hearty sniff, but stepped over to Lagoona and rubbed her chin and cheeks all over her ! I kept waiting for the doll to topple over, but she didn’t – Ginger had her paw on Lagoona’s stand ! After marking both dolls a bit, she wanted outside. Preferably now. That’s our kitty !

Dearest Son found another Barbie dress from his previous collection, and it fits Dream Princess Belle perfectly. Hmm. Perhaps I’m now so accustomed to the tiny MH body, the Belle one now looks thick to me. Hmmm…(grabs Malibu Barbie to compare). Yup, that’s it. Belle’s body’s no thicker than a standard TNT one, it’s just been a while since I played with one. And the ‘twist’ line does help the doll’s waist look narrower than it is.

Kicked the Scaris box one too many times, so it was time to break that down. Scavenged the usual – the logos, some of the ‘trellis’, and the illustrated box back. I’d wanted to save the liner, but there’s about 50 holes and slits in it, and even posing a doll in the midst of the most, it still took over an hour with PaintShopPro to remove them. So, after today’s image, I ditched it. I figured, since Belle is French, a surreal dream of Paris – or, as she referred to it in her later years, Scaris – wouldn’t be too far off the beam.

For kicks, I kept the transparent plastic ‘view window’ part to use for patterns. I can trace my favorite ones on it with a Sharpie ™, and cut them out, and have more durable ones. Since I do most of my fabric cutting with a rotary, having patterns in clear plastic is great ! I can angle my cuts better, to take advantage of any prints, and a plastic pattern is a lot easier to use than a paper one. Hope to try it out tonight, I got a skirt pattern I wanna use, and the slightly altered panty one. BTW, I put the second trial-sew pair of underwear on Clawdeen, under Scaris DLaura’s pink mini-skirt. No panty lines ! Seated, you can hardly see them, and if I’d gone with a darker color, you probably couldn’t tell they’re there at all. I can probably make 50 in black and use ‘em all. At least it’d keep me sewing ! 

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