Tuesday, March 26, 2013

It's Gil and Lagoona at the Beach Music Festival !

Current Mood : Can almost hear 'Rainy Day Bells' ! 

Back to the normal grind. Beloved Hubby went back to classes, we organized tomorrow’s art class at the Library, and did laundry. Made a really delicious box of Dirty Rice for Dearest Son and m’self, and dinner was a simple box of lasagne. Nothing really big or special.

Dearest Son was reminiscing about toys of his youth – he’s 13 now, btw – and said he wished he still had his ‘Galactic Heroes’ Millennium Falcon, as it would probably be a perfect thing to pose ponies in. It was a great toy, a $35. simplified, rounded-edges version of the huge $150. action figure Falcon, and honestly, I loved it, too. That’s why I kept it when he decided he didn’t like Star Wars (actually it was Clone Wars he didn’t like) anymore. It was an awesome display toy. Intended to sell it when I ran out of display space on my Arena, but we moved first, and it got shoved into boxes. We snagged that box early on in our move here, and again, it got shoved into the back of the closet.

So he was thrilled all over again to find it on his desk today. I swear, he’s playing with it more now than he did when he first got it. Some toys, ya just keep. You kinda know what your son or daughter will wish they still had later. I still have his very first toy car. And his first Happy Meal preschooler toy. When he’s bored with the Falcon and ponies, they’ll get put away again. Hope I can keep up with them !

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