Friday, March 29, 2013

Bye, Bloom. Sleep in sweet waters...

Current Mood : Slightly sad. 

Dearest Son brought back an extra box from his visit with his grandparents – stuff of mine we left behind. I knew we were missing some things, but, Arrgh. Much as I’m glad to have Ceremonial Gown Leia and Leia and R2-D2 as Jabba’s Prisoners back, I have no idea what I’m gonna do with ‘em. Or where I can put them. Just barely found a place to store the ten sheets of 6mm craft fun foam in the box’s bottom. At least I won’t have to buy that stuff for the next two soft-side boxes I make…

Some sad news – our Betta fish, Bloom, passed away in the night. Poor little thing. Don’t know why, he hadn’t been eating for the last two days, and then, this morning… Services were held creek-side, with immediate family only in attendance.

Was trying to distract myself from a mindless munch-a-thon late tonight when I decided to sew something new. Let’s face it, half the time I think I’m hungry, I’m mostly bored and want to do something, I just don’t know what – or lack the confidence to do what I know I wanna do. I decided, rather than try the brand-new pattern I bought this month for the boyfiends, I wanted to sew something pretty. Which is kind of funny, when you consider I ended up sewing a bubble-skirt dress. Maybe I was thinking of Bloom…

Truth is, I don’t really think bubble skirts are that pretty. Mostly they look like a semi-deflated balloon, and make even the thinnest women appear to be smuggling snow tires. But I’d never sewn one, even by accident, and the pattern pieces looked so odd, I knew it’d keep my attention. I used NG Creations’ third pattern again, pieces #7 - #9 for the skirt. It came together well, and actually looked pretty good, although I had some gathering problems…the worst time to run out of bobbin thread is ¾ of the way through a row of gathering stitches. Ah, well. Next one will probably look better.

The drop-waist bodice…I was disappointed in. From the same pattern set, it used pieces #5 and #6. It calls for gathering maybe a half-inch on the top front on each side, which you have to admit is a challenge and kind of a pain for such a small area. And then, once the side seams are sewn, you can’t tell you did anything ! Once it was complete, it gapped hugely, and I had to take it in at the back quite a bit. Even then, it’d be a peek-a-boo blouse for any of the taller boyfiends who take three seconds to simply look down. Not sure if I went wrong or the pattern did. I’ll probably sew just the bodice tomorrow, out of scraps, to check m’self.

Otherwise, with another trial or two, I think I’ll soon have a neat dress pattern ! I’ve come to like the look of it – it’s pretty 80s, really – and I’d love to do more with it. For now, though, as a first-run, it’s not too bad. And it kept me out of the fridge for about two hours ! 

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