Thursday, December 1, 2011

Current Mood : Relaxed

Happy December !

Another appointment today, this one for another echocardiogram. Then I can relax until the two appointments I have Dec. 6th, and the two on the 9th. I'm also due for the second diabetes class sometime this month, and who knows what after that. The VA keeps me hoppin' ! We took Starlight this time, and she got a bit hot on the way up, but with some fresh antifreeze, she did fine on the ride home.

Oh, and this is what happens when I get behind in my writing...I forgot to tell ya'll that I bought a new Monster High set of patterns a few days ago. It arrived yesterday - but we didn't find it until today - and I can hardly wait to get to it ! I'll write up a full review after I've sewn something, which I hope will happen tomorrow, since I don't have any appointments or anything else (except maybe laundry) holding me back !

We borrowed Pirate Radio from the library yesterday, and got to watch it today. I really enjoyed it, but it did sort of bog down - I kinda got tired of the 'musical beds' game the nearly random female cast was set up to play.

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