Tuesday, December 27, 2011

I still love that tiny fedora...

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Finally broke open the DracuLaura 'Newspaper Club' outfit Beloved Hubby got me for Christmas, and put it on...DracuLaura ! I was gonna skip the 'newsprint' hosiery, because...well, even when kid-me lived, played, and dreamed Barbie, it was long past the days when nearly every piece of her sold-separately wardrobe was accompanied by stockings. By the time I got my first Malibu in '71 or '72, I never knew she'd ever had them. I can sew 'em, and have, thanks to old Barbie Bazaar patterns, but they were always hard to put on Babs' semi-sticky legs, and with legs that perfect, why does she need stockings ?

Even with Monster High, their hose is normally the first thing to get removed and not worn again. Once the green ones came off Dawn of the Dance Clawdeen, and the awful yellow with pink polka dots set came off Forbitten Romance DLaura, they got banished to the bottom of the MH clothes bin, just out of sheer non-use. But now...I kinda like how these look on her. May have to pull out those patterns again - these ghouls can't have enough black or fishnet tights !

The suspenders are black elastic, which is great. Ribbon or fabric just wouldn't fit as well or go on as easily. The cute little fedora also attaches with black elastic, which blends invisibly with her hair. A very nice touch. It's hard to tell in the in-box photo, but at the top left side of the box, you can see a tiny roll of film. Yes, the back of the camera opens up, and the film goes inside. It's not fitted in, but who cares ? It goes in and the camera fits the dolls' hands without any support or clear elastics, so it's perfect and adorable, far as I'm concerned ! Ordinarily, I'd want to paint the shoes all black, or maybe white where they're pink now, but there's plenty of pink in their wardrobes already, these shoes'll get used as-is, just fine.

I also made good my promise to Dearest Son - he got my Forbitten Romance Clawd, since I got the 'new, improved' model. There's some slight regret there, but I'm sure there'll be more guys later...or, I'll end up 'reverse-inheriting' his dolls once he outgrows them. He's in the Jem 'Rockin' Roadster' with DracuLaura, which is sweet.

And I've been made aware that Cleo's vanity is only $20. at Mal-Wart, and in some, it's the only Monster High they have in stock. Shoulda known TRU was busy gouging again. I thought Angelic Dreamz was bad... Also the black parts to a C. A. Cupid are paint, except for the hands, which are cast in black plastic. But the arms and legs can be cleared of black paint, although, according to the person who did it, it's a task and a half. Totally shorn of paint and hair, Cupid looks even more like Ghoulia, so I still think I'll let someone else have 'mine' ! 

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