Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Sometimes, though, you get what you really wanted - and it's great !

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Appointments aplenty this week and next - which means I have several experiences of 'pre-medical visit' jitters to keep me from sleeping soundly to muddle through. Even when I know, like today, what's gonna happen, I also know I'm gonna toss and turn all night anyway. Today was a three-hour diabetes class, and I have two more after this one. I'm 'pre-diabetic', my last test showed I'm hovering just above the cut-off numbers, so I need to know how to avoid worse complications more than anything else. I'll always be diabetic, but with an improved diet and more exercise, I should be able to keep it from getting fully-fledged, requiring more medicine or, Heavens forbid, insulin.

We had to pick a goal from a list, and since I was already exercising and weighing daily, I checked off 'keep a food diary' as the one I was most likely to keep. Although I could have clicked 'daily foot exam', since the class, I've been slightly obsessed with the idea. They suggest that I never go barefoot again ! But anyway, I already know from experience that, if I have to write it down, I'm far less likely to eat it, and my internal compass requires strict adherence - no fibbin' - if I agree to do it, so it's all to the good.

Afterward, we avoided a trip to TRU and instead picked up Dearest Son for a library run. Returned Subversive Sewing and That Darn Cat and scored a few more - I now have a copy of Monster High 3 : Where There's a Wolf, There's a Way - to read. The second one wasn't nearly as bad as the first, and the third seems OK so far, but I only got to page six before Beloved and Dearest were ready to go. Still, I really prefer borrowing the MH books to owning them.

I had a package waiting for me when we got back. When Mattel Store had a few days of '20% off, free shipping for all orders' Black Friday online sales, I took advantage. I'd wanted the MH Tattoo Roller for various nefarious uses, and when it went on markdown from $15. to $10., I snagged it and three more stitch-bearing Fearleader costumes, as part of my Christmas. Got the 20% off markdown and free shipping on it all, too. I was happy - with the discounts, the Fearleader outfits were nearly three bucks cheaper than they were at TRU. Each ! It was like buying the outfits and getting the roller free !

I'll probably end up giving one of the Fearleader outfits to Dearest Son. He wants one for his Toralei...

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