Friday, December 23, 2011

I still watch this movie every so often...

Current Mood : Excited !

Turns out, I had my own holiday surprise - my friend mailed Sweet 1600 Clawd even before I had her PayPal address, so I had a package today ! Yippeee ! Thanks so much, Parareality ! Beloved Hubby's asked me to wait 'til Christmas, so I will - but I'm still thrilled !

We got the Lego Black Pearl into our closet successfully, and I still don't think Dearest Son knows. I'm really glad he doesn't read this ! It just occurred to me this morning that, when I was a kid, not only did other kids stay off your lawn, but there were no licensed Lego products. Just Lego brand blocks that didn't come in green (Lego corporate, based in Denmark, didn't want kids making tanks, or concluding that war is kids' play). A hundred bucks worth of Lego would have gotten a kid about ankle-deep in red, white, yellow, and blue bricks.

Seriously. I did the math. Based on the $12.99 for 1047 brick special (shown in the 1972 Sears Christmas catalog on, a hundred bucks would snag you almost eight thousand, one hundred bricks, wheels, and windows - enough to keep the whole family hopping and cursing Lego products for decades. Of course, I'm not keeping the scales parallel - adjusted for inflation, I could probably get enough Lego to get a kid's room knee-deep in bricks, but it's just a bit of a thought exercise.

We did some grocery shopping, too - and the ham is ready for the oven Sunday. Mmmmm ! Hope your plans (and your shopping !) are humming along and have gone well, so you can rest tonight ! 

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