Sunday, December 18, 2011

Betcha can't guess who got a new outfit today !

Current Mood : Happy 'cause I made something out of nothin' ! I needed that...

I got a special little present today. 'D', one of the more stand-offish cats here has recently become enamored of my Everything Arena chair. This is the same cat who, when I met him at a 15 foot distance three years ago, hissed at me. I've never laid a hand on him - until last night. He really wanted some attention, it was kinda late (I'd had an afternoon nap, so I was awake), and I was the only possible provider. So, when he let me scritch behind his ears, I petted his long, soft neck, and when that didn't get me eviscerated, I went head-to-tail down his back. He really liked that - I got my hand head-butted and everything.

This morning, he was curled up in the chair, happy as clams at high tide. He let me pet him some more, then decided it was time to head out. The cat door is about four feet away. So he jumped down, and I saw that he'd been saving a gift for me - a dark, long shed of claw. He hadn't 'marked' the chair - the cover would have shown claw marks easily - he just wanted me to have a little of himself.

You can probably almost hear me purr. But why any creature would choose to spend any time where my butt is parked for several hours a day sincerely kooks me out ! Every time I've been out of the chair for longer than a quick errand, he's jumped in. Not that I mind. He's behaving himself, and I admit, it was nice to have a warmed chair this morning !

Another quiet evening - almost everyone fell asleep ! Beloved Hubby's uncle (yes, the one from The Move From Hades !) found out he's a grandfather today - his son's girlfriend had a little girl, and both mom and babe are well. Whew ! Looking forward to photos soon.

I decided to sew, since my one try at a nap simply didn't work - Beloved and I kept talking instead - and saw something that jump-started me in the trash. Some out-of-state relatives sent a generous fruit basket to DMIL, who graciously shared it with us. Yumm, pears ! We emptied it before the fruit went bad (and looong before the dried fruit and almonds did !) and the neat basket got put away. The 'Harry & David' ribbon, in a luscious shade of aubergine, along with a more nondescript thin brown one, got trashed.

Ya'll know me - I'll ignore $500. worth of brand-new fabric to play with 29c worth of trashed goods, and today was no exception. I decided what I wanted to try, kinda kited it from Doll Shop Deluxe, and went after it. Too bad my first attempt at a strapless minidress didn't work. It became a top instead, but it may as well have been just a tube, it's not nearly as fitted as it should be. Decided to do the skirt part as a separate instead, and proceeded to muck that up, too. So I salvaged it the only way I could, and used about half the ribbon. Betcha can't guess who got the new outfit ! You'll see it tomorrow. It involves more black ribbon and probably almost a half-pint of Fray-Check. Grosgrain ribbon frays like a cheap sateen !

I'll probably try the strapless pattern again, in a less stiff, lighter fabric. But I'm quite proud of how it turned out - can't wait to show it to you !

As for now, I'm sleepy and warm. I hope your Sunday gave you some fun, too ! 

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