Wednesday, December 7, 2011

She's probably ticked because I didn't sew her anything today...

Current Mood : Overwhelmingly tired, for some reason. 

Woke up with a massive, hurts-to-move headache, so I went back to sleep - and crashed 'til after 9am ! Can't believe I slept that late, but at least the skull-splitting was over.

Deboxed Gillington Webber, the much-loved Gil, and admired him. (sigh) He really is amazing. I was wondering if his hands detached, like the ghouls, or he was simply jointed at the wrists. Turns out, yes, his hands come off, and, even without the webbing between the fingers, they look nothing like the Jackson/Hyde standard hands or Clawd's...well, claws. His leg fins detach, too, like Lagoona's, but I really like them, so they'll be there 99% of the time. I need to make him some pants, and quick. The Monster High shelf is right by the window, and baby, it's cold outside !

Since old habits die hard, and just for sheer curiosity, I checked on Gil as part of my morning routine on the computer. There's a lot more available on eBay, and even his price on dropped considerably. Still more than I'd pay - about $35., plus shipping - but far better than the going rate of $50. - $70. that he was earlier this week. As angry as I sometimes get at the scalpers (mostly because I'd never do that to my fellow collectors, scoop up all the available rare ones and sell 'em high), I can understand doing it, with our economy and the holidays shimmering on the too-close horizon. Selling a $14. Gil for $50. could mean the difference between a kid getting Christmas presents - or even groceries. It still seems greedy to me, and I wouldn't do it...even if we weren't the last to get dolls, so it's a moot point anyway !

Hmf. Beloved Hubby just raised an interesting counterpoint. If a reseller / presumed scalper really was relying on Toralei doll profits for Christmas Dinner, he/she probably wouldn't have the funds available to tie up in investing three or four  dolls at $20. each, then have to wait for auctions to end (and pay for them), payment to be deposited (and pay PayFrienemy their cut), and hopefully make a profit after packaging and mailing, if they don't use Priority. As we've seen with Gil, the same doll can sell for $150. on eBay one day, and not get bids at $10. the next. It'd be far easier just to spend available funds on a succulent ham and trimmings. So maybe I'm being a bit too soft on the scalpers, but I'd rather give someone a break in my head and be done with it than carry a draining grudge.

And I surely don't want anything negative at this time of year. I got a Gil, that's reason for rejoicing in my little world !

Seems like every last website I've ever visited for embroidery designs has been repeatedly spamming me with holiday sales. I've had to unsubscribe from several long-forgotten sites when they started sending four to six messages a day, after a year or two of completely ignoring me. Guess hobby spending is down again, like a couple years ago. Or more machine embroiderers have realized, 'Hey, I have 82,467 individual designs. I don't think I'll ever need any more,' and snagged their own copies of Stitch Era Universal.

Not much else going on today. Did laundry, start to finish again, which I sort of enjoy. It feels good to have it all clean and put away, and know everyone has their favorite clothes available and accessible, and fresh towels ready.

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