Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Yaaay - new books to read !

Current Mood : Very, very tired. 

Current Image Notes : I have a tip in this book somewhere - they even paid me ten bucks for it. Now, thanks to the library, I can have fun trying to find it !

Not sure what I got into yesterday, but it followed me into today. Too bad for whatever it was, I had work to do ! Dearest Son's education picks up right after his January birthday, so if I wanna establish a working routine, it was now or never. Gonna try the 'one major task a day' thing again, it was working fairly well until I got uber-sick.

Decided on bedroom cleaning Monday, dishes Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, laundry on Wednesday, and Bathroom and dining / Arena area Friday. Since I was out of it yesterday, I had dishes and laundry today - or I could hold off and have dishes and laundry tomorrow. Bleh. Got the dishes done before lunch, and got the laundry going before I got nauseous again. I couldn't make m'self eat for nothin'. Still, with laundry, I have about an hour between loads to rest, so I did, and still got it all done. It helped that there were only three loads ! It's all washed, dried, and put away, hooray !

You may be wondering if we've moved, and the sad thing is, we haven't. But DMIL does no housework at all - I mean, none ! I'm almost jealous, except for the fact that she barely moves more than thirty feet in a day - and DFIL is frequently tired and hurting, so he doesn't do much. And frankly, half the time he does dishes, I end up redoing some. I'm not perfect, but I actually wash knife blades and the backs of plates. It's far easier on me to see what he does as a bonus, instead of getting upset when his 'share' isn't done. It's much quicker for me to improve my 'tude than it is for me to change anybody else's...well, anything ! 

So I'm fairly tired still, especially after we went to the library and out to eat tonight. But the good news is, Beloved Hubby's off for the rest of the week ! We can sleep in, watch movies, and relax tomorrow. And I have lots of new reading ! In fact, I think I'll go lie down sleepy.  

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