Friday, December 16, 2011

When did TRU stand for 'Ticked Are You' ?

Current Mood : Retaining 'ticked off' from the other day.

Current Image Notes : This is the free e-card offerred by Dover Publications this week. They also have a free weekly 'sampler' of images from their books. At least once a month, I snag something good - you can sign up at , too, if you're curious.

Wow. I may have to rein in my interest in Sweet 1600 Clawd Wolf - I just checked for inventory at TRU's website, and discovered he's now $32.99 ! And here I was, thinking $29.99 was ridiculous, and $27. had been a bit much, especially for just one doll. We're used to getting two at that price ! I'm either just gonna say 'forget this', or either find a cheaper one, at Mal-Wart (about $20., I've been told) or at Justice with their now-'til-Christmas-Eve '40% off the whole store' sale. All else fails, about mid-January, I get a $10. rebate from TRU, and might use it, if I can find him then.

Anyway...not a big exciting day. As promised, it was Laundry day, with all the excitement that normally comes with it. At least we now have clean socks and sheets ! Just have a little more to put away, and it's all done for another week or so.

I also reboiled Dead Tired DracuLaura's hair, since her bangs sprung back up sometime in the last few days. Might have been during all the handling while I was installing her new hand. Dearest Son said she looks very nice with two hands, and he hopes she isn't sad anymore. My getting-so-big sweetie... Anyway, I should have a new photo of her tomorrow. Don't wanna take off her rubber bands until her hair's completely dry this time.

Other than that, it was another quiet day. Beloved Hubby's nearly done with his client's doll beds, and they look great. They get delivered Monday. I have a couple of surveys to do - yaay ! Six bucks ! - so I'm happy.

Hope you had a happy Friday, too ! 

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