Monday, December 19, 2011

If you guessed Toralei - you're right !

Current Mood : Fat & Happy

Woke up in that rarest of moods - one that made me wanna clean stuff ! While Beloved Hubby was still yawning and stretching, I was repurposing half a Whitman's Sampler box as a windowsill catch-all, for all the little things - semi-decent scissors, a couple Monster High doll hairbrushes, a bolt from something-or-other, some pencils - that tend to accumulate. From there, I redid shoe storage and picked up some floor detritus, dumped it in the can. Been meaning to do that...

Evidently it was going around, because when we stumbled into the kitchen for breakfast, DFIL was already there, doing dishes. We're gonna have a clean house at this rate soon ! I sorted the usual accumulation of papers that tend to pile up at any flat surface, especially desks, and got everything filed. Moved some dolls back to their home, stuffed some doll clothes into the big MH bag I use as a catch-all for their stuff, until I can get it placed. That tends to take some time, as, like a miser, I always love casting through my treasures for a while !

Sorted out the pantry a bit - for some reason, there's tons of empty food boxes and carriers in there. Danishes are long gone, paper tray wrapped in plastic's still there. It's hard to find and identify food in there, there's no light and it's really deep, so I went through it all, tossed out a whole bag of useless trash. It may not look as full, but at least now, we can see what's in there. Then I did the same to the fridge. I don't know why empty stuff doesn't get tossed - and ya'll know my frugal nature will make sure it's truly used up - but if I gotta do it, fine. I prefer space to waste !

I then cleaned our room, right down to sorting the piles of receipts, and swept twice. Got the last of the laundry put away, and found a place for Beloved's combat boots. He only uses them for Airsoft, so he needs 'em nearby, but I keep tripping over 'em. No longer a problem ! I was glad to finally get our room back in order...because I had a movie date this afternoon with Dearest Son !

I'd suggested watching our DVD of A Christmas Story this weekend, but Beloved is still in 'seen it too many times to enjoy it' mode. So I arranged a time to watch it today with our boy, lounging on our bed with cheese and crackers, since there's only one chair in there. And I wanted our room to look its best ! Took a little longer than I thought, but it was worth the effort, and I really enjoyed watching a much-loved movie my way - with one of my two favorite guys, reclined shoulder-deep in pillows, with American cheese slices tucked into crackers arranged on my belly, with root beer in my favorite cup at my elbow. Heavenly ! The belching contests are an added feature...

Dearest said that he'd love to do that again soon. I'll make sure of it. Beloved was glad to hear we'd had fun - and he wouldn't have to see Christmas Story this year, either. He's enjoying Green Zone with DFIL - AT&T UVerse made an error on his account, so there's free HBO and Cinemax to enjoy for three months. Wonder if there's anything good coming up...

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