Monday, December 5, 2011

Darn cat's up the tree again !

Current Mood : Disappointed

We didn't get to go to the library yesterday - when I went to check their hours, I discovered that they were closed 'til Tuesday. They're getting a new floor ! Looking forward to seeing it, and getting some fresh books. I've read nearly all of the last set. 

Decided to just keep to shortening the sleeves on the A-line Monster High dress today - it was simple and quick. Probably will do a neckline reshape next, then move on to something else. I get bored with doing something more than five times, even when I'm altering and doing new versions. Somewhere along the line, I wanna try adding elastic to the waist, but that and a new neckline - and various trims - are about all I can think of to alter right now.

The fabric I used today is so thin, you could see the white elastic waistband from hosiery underneath it. It didn't look good at all on Abbey, unfortunately, it resembled a bad hospital gown. Her lovely blue skin was completely at odds with the green print, which made both look worse together. It looks like a slightly improved hospital gown on Toralei, so I can safely relegate that fabric to the 'donate' bin. I was keeping it due to the tiny pattern, but it really isn't a good choice for most of the MH crew. Guess I need to find my old color wheel, since my 'color instincts' really rank !

Of course, it could be that this shape of dress really needs longer sleeves to work. I'll probably try it once more with the shortened sleeves, and maybe the elastic, later.

Went with Beloved Hubby to his college, for company. We had paperwork to drop off...paperwork that the school itself gave us. For some reason, they couldn't get it from their own department, we had to drive all the way there to deliver it. (sigh) He's so excited, though. Classes start next month, and he's worse than Dearest Son with Christmas coming up.

Not a lot else going on. I took a short nap this afternoon, which will help - I have medical appointments tomorrow, so I won't be getting much sleep tonight. At least they're early in the morning, I won't be bouncing around nervous, waiting. It's just a consult with my primary care doctor, and then a diabetic eye screening. But you can believe I'll be restless all night. It makes no sense, but at least I can read m'self down. I have one book left, half-finished, that I've kept for emergencies, and I haven't even started Monster High 3 yet. 

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