Saturday, December 17, 2011

Sweetness is everywhere !

Current Mood : Joyful !

I couldn't resist taking this photo today. Dead Tired DracuLaura looks so sweet in the light of the day, but it looks like Sweet Fang has gotten into some trouble, and is searching for cover. Hope he didn't take a swipe at Sir Hoots A Lot !

People are so sweet. I was reminded of that today when a darling member of the LiveJournal Monster High group offered to send me her spare 'Sweet 1600' Clawd for what she paid for it - much, much less than TRU's current rip-off price. Unfortunately, I couldn't take her up on it (we're about broke for the rest of the month), but I've felt special and honored all day. Thanks again, Parareality - your kindness warms my heart, and makes me proud to know how amazing the wonderful people I've been fortunate to meet truly are. 

We had a nice day together - even took sandwiches and fountain sodas to a nearby park and ate in the sun. When the weather's near 60 degrees in mid-December, it's time to enjoy ! We'll have to arrange 'December picnics' more often.

I meant to sew today. Even have a special project in mind, but once we got home, I fell asleep ! So did Dearest Son and Beloved Hubby. Must be something about that winter sun...

Picked up a few much-needed groceries, and I fell asleep reading (sigh) Can't fight it, I'm sleepy right now. My sleep apnea test, rescheduled for February, is gonna be interesting.

UPDATE : Parareality offered to hold Clawd for me 'til January !  Beloved says we can make that happen, so, yaaay ! I don't have to drive m'self crazy looking and worrying that he's somehow eluded me. And it's the one Clawd I most want in all the world. Thank you so much ! 

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