Monday, December 26, 2011

Celebrate ! You survived Christmas 2011 !

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Beloved Hubby's jokingly calling it a Christmas miracle, but it's nowhere near that dramatic ! All I said was, after seeing lots of photos of the new C. A. Cupid Monster High doll, I've decided I don't want her after all. Much as I hate to admit it, Spectra Vondergeist's doll showed me that the 'fade from one color to another' style simply doesn't appeal much to me, and knowing Cupid's legs and arms will always have that 'etched lace' design on ''s just not really my thing. While her clothes and accessories bear the delightful attention to detail and cleverness that's always hallmarked MH, I can't help but see them as 'too cupid' to appeal to me as potential new goodies for the other dolls. Even though her dress is very pretty, I'm really getting tired of the 'drip' motif. Hope it goes with Sweet 1600 when it gets bumped by the next theme.

When I really look at her, there isn't much I do like about the actual physical doll. I realize she's supposed to have 'cupid's bow' lips, but I don't really like how hers look - like she just Frenched a lemon. And the bone wings kind of icked me a bit, which is surprising. She's lovely, true, but just not something that screams 'must have NOW !' to me. I like her character traits more than her look, and that means $30. to $40. goes back into the pocket. I realize that, around here, she'd just stand around in her original clothes, which is boring.

Plus, the numerous side-by-side photos reveal she's pretty much a repaint of Ghoulia, and I already have lots of her, since she's my fave. You'd think that'd make me want Cupid more, but instead, it just turned the tap to 'off', definitively. I mean, I already feel that other new characters are nibbling at what I liked about Ghoulia - Operetta has that same sort of retro-vibe, Toralei has grabbed the red/black color scheme, stuff like that - so when another noob appropriates Ghoulia's actual, nope. Not as appealing as I thought.

Besides, it's more fun to imagine Ghoulia as the lunchtime DJ/Misery Maven at school. The idea of offering love advice in a series of moans makes me laugh. And heck, thanks to My Scene, I already have several pairs of suitable headphones - just need to paint some microphone stands and find the Barbie camcorder and stand, and I could easily make my own 'comic' strip with photos. Hmmm.... I rather like that idea !

Which is good, using what I have, because it may be that I soon can't afford new Monster High anymore. With Sweet 1600 getting close to forty bucks per doll, I'm a bit concerned. Cleo's vanity, another piece too character-specific for my tastes, was over thirty bucks. And DracuLaura's car is listed (but of course not yet available) on the TRU website for $35. ! For a pretty much nothin' car. It's free-wheeling (not remote control) and while the steering wheel and turn signal lever move, they don't control anything, as there are no functioning turn signals, and no suspension. It's like most $15. Barbie cars...but it's over twice as much. The one free-wheeling over thirty bucks Barbie car TRU has listed on their site includes two dolls with it. The other one is a remote controlled one. DLaura's car includes...DLaura's car. True, it is bigger than yer standard pink convertible, but it's nowhere near as huge as the Jem Rockin' Roadster - which was $30. in 1986. It'd cost $60. today, but at least it was huge and had a radio in the trunk.

So I'm a little concerned about costs. How much will basic dolls that cost $19. now sell for next year ? Is there even an MSRP anymore ? Will there ever be the equivalent of a '$5. Swimsuit Barbie' in MH ? Or should I be glad that the dolls are getting more expensive...and still selling ? Ah, well. Nothing I need to worry about right this second, as I have everything I want right now. It'd do our finances some good if I took an 'independent study' year off of Monster High

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