Sunday, December 11, 2011

I like her little smile !

Current Mood : Bleh. 

Found another computer 'paper doll' website with Monster High characters. Some repeat from yesterday's link, but ya got Nefera, Abbey, Operetta, and Spectra dolls on this site - It's in German, but Google Chrome will translate if you like. You probably won't need it, though, it's pretty simple stuff.

Kind of another boring, quiet day. Played with giving my broken-arm Ghoulia more of a smile with a red Sharpie - then realized it probably wasn't a good idea, the ink would most likely seep into the plastic and spread, but taking it off would smear it everywhere. So for now, it's on, and that's what she looks like. I kind of like it - just wish I knew what 'real' paint was safe to use with her head vinyl.

It was time to change the filters and air tubes on my air machine, so I did that - then played with the usually-trashed old plastic tubing for a while. Made a couple bracelets from the slider that adjusts the hose's 'fit', but the other pieces didn't work as jewelry. But they do work wrapped around clothes !  You'll probably see it on some Monster High fashions soon, I've always been rather partial to those 'futuristic' tubes on clothes in Futurama, and I have yards of this stuff to play with. I've even come up with a way to attach it, just need to sew up some new dresses to play with.

And I don't know why I'm not doing that now. I'm being really lazy, for no reason. 

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