Thursday, December 8, 2011

Abbey really likes trees, and didn't mind posing at all !

Current Mood : Really, really tired.

I was thinking about my actions Monday night. When I got Gil. (happy sigh) Without even thinking, I pushed Starlight's keys in Beloved Hubby's hands, taking for granted he'd drive. Thing is, I can drive. I have a license and everything, and it's valid. I even know where my glasses are. And I sincerely doubt that my excitement would have impaired me that much. So I'm not sure why I simply didn't drive m'self. I think I'm so used to Beloved behind the wheel that I don't consider taking it m'self anymore. Well. Now that I'm aware of the behavior, I can change it. I need to drive !

Just not today. Did dishes, which necessitates cleaning the kitchen, since no one else does it when they do dishes. You know, the usual - wipe down the counters, clean the range surface, scrape the microwave type stuff. So an hour's worth of plate-scrubbing is actually about two and a half hours total. And I take breaks, because my oxygen hose doesn't reach to the kitchen sink, so I have to clean without it. So I'm wiped out, but it's much too early to turn in. Plus, I took an impromptu nap already, right here in my Arena chair. So I really have no reason to be as wiped out as I am...but I am.

Managed to stir around enough to cut out the pattern pieces for that ruffled-collar jacket in Simplicity #1955 - view D. Decided to go with the familiar 'star field' fabric, since it'll probably look good on nearly everybody. Leaned towards Abbey wearing it first, though. May make the matching skirt (view H or I) tomorrow, after my appointment.

Yup, got another one. But, except for another diabetes class I haven't been contacted about yet, that should be it for the month. Whew ! Tomorrow's just a follow-up to the one I had on the 18th - two images of 'the girls' didn't come out, so I gotta get squeezed again. (sigh) Not looking forward to it, but it's not so bad. Just hate having to do it twice.

Beloved came home and went straight to sleep after a light supper, and Dearest is happily occupied in his Wii Bakugan game. Time to sew ! But... I really didn't want to. I most wanted to go to sleep, but with the naps and slow day, and the fact that it was simply too early to crash. Even though now, my tummy was starting to churn up a bit. (sigh)

Still, I pushed through, and started on that jacket I've wanted ever since I've seen a similar one in Tabitha's (MeLoveGangrels) Flickr photostream. Got the fabric cut and ironed, had the directions up and the sewing surface primed, lowered the presser foot to take that first stitch...when my light suddenly flared and went out.

Well, shoot. KJ's very important light bulb blew. No mistaking it, when I swung that part of the head open, there it was, dark and silent. Can you even sew without that light right at the needle, precisely where you need it ? Yeah, but it ain't easy at 9pm, in a house already known for its cavelike darkness. Experimented with a mini-flashlight and some masking tape, but ended up just using it when I needed, by holding it in my teeth or under my chin.

So. I made the jacket, but it's nowhere near as awesome as Tabitha's. Had to redo the underarm seams several times to get it right, and it still doesn't 'hang' right at the shoulders. Not even parallel on both sides, either. I really should have tried the non-ruffled collar version first, since I *always* have trouble with collars, but if I'm gonna push myself to sew with minimal light and a slightly achy tummy, I'm gonna make something I like !

So. Maybe I'll try it again in a few days. Right now, though, I get to go to bed !

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