Sunday, December 4, 2011

Continuing the 'Dollies in a Tree' series... (lol, thanks, Smidge Girl !)

Current Mood : Happily sleepy !

I guess I'm still 'Christmassy', against all logic and past patterns of behavior - 'cause I got a cool craft for ya. I love it when I find doll-size paper-crafts, since little things like in-scale doughnut boxes and calendars add a lot to a scene or diorama. And they're almost free ! I still check Jim's Printable Minis( , for Playscale, or sixth-scale, i.e., Barbie-size) every few weeks, in case something new shows up.

I found this one yesterday, from a craft e-mail I get daily - it makes vintage boxes of Christmas lights ! They look so awesome. If you visit here, , you'll see them at the top of the page. Click to embiggen (snicker) and save it to your drive so you can print 'em  and assemble 'em at your leisure later. Scroll down a bit if you'd like some festively 'wrapped' holiday gift boxes, too. Yaaay !

Didn't sew yesterday, instead got involved in a philosophical discussion with darn near everybody in the house, save DMIL. Beloved Hubby was reading The Decline of Men, I was working through Cinderella Ate My Daughter, which moved to a look at gender roles in peer media. While both books were so slanted, I was amazed they stood upright on library shelves, they fostered some good conversation that went on for hours. And I'm not just saying that because the Cinderella author described Monster High as 'undead streetwalkers, just not as demure', because I can see how someone without my imagination could see them that way, with their limited brain power. See, I can slant things, too ! It's fun and easy, and evidently can be done for profit.

You'll laugh, but I spent a couple hours cleaning the Arena again. When I sewed the other day, I mostly just moved stuff out of the way, instead of trashing or storing it all. So I did that today, while watching a new-to-me episode of Hoarders, natch ! Discovered the floss box of jewelry findings had opened up during the move, so I spent a good half-hour picking tiny beads out of the drawer it was in. I was wondering where those itty bitty pearls were coming from...

Then I added an inch to the length of the A-line dress pattern I sewed up Friday. Scanned the 'new' version - in case it worked ! - and cut one out. This time, I timed m'self, so I could share it. Forty minutes, cutout to wondering which ghoul it would look best on. Not too bad. And, as you can see, Cleo liked it. She was actually rather loud about it, I didn't think that color suited her, but you know Cleo !

Had the worst time photographing her. Could not keep my hands still, and I couldn't use the flash with the tree, plus, it's way past dark. I had to use my inhaler - just one hit ! - for the first time since I went into the hospital back in September. It's probably all the rain we've had. Anyway, apologies for the barely-in-focus photo, it really is the best of 32 tries !

And once I get everything back where it belongs, and dump the loose thread catcher, I'm beddy-bye-bound ! Hope you had a great day, too ! 

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  1. Yay, it's Cleo! In a tree! She looks so festive, it's like she has tinsel in her hair! Adorable dress, I'm a huge polka dot fan! Well, you know, not huge polka dots-- those only look good on clowns-- but tiny ones for sure! :)