Saturday, December 10, 2011

I have light and new computer paper dolls ! Yaay Saturday !

Current Mood : Giggly

Didn't get to sew today - instead, Beloved Hubby gave me the option of going with him while he did some work, or staying home. Since I already know he'll be home about half of next week, I decided to go with him, as I needed some time away for a bit.

His job was making three doll beds for a long-term client of his ! Her nieces each have American Girl (or clone) dolls, and none of them have beds yet. So he prototyped a really neat one, and the client happily approved. Sincerely, even the prototype looks really nice, I wasn't surprised she gave the design the nod. I kinda wished I still had the one I used to have - or a brand-new Molly !  It was fairly easy, but took some time and skill, and a woodshop we don't have anymore. Luckily, a friend of his has one, and kindly let us borrow it for an hour.

Said client won't be back in town until Wednesday night, so I asked if he could cut everything and get it all ready, and do the assembly at home. I was being a bit selfish, as the shop was very cold and without a bathroom. But he agreed, so we weren't gone long at all. I used the mileage funds from my appointments for lunch, and we got to stop by Hobby Lobby.

Turns out, you don't need to print off a copy of their coupon, if you have a web-enabled 'smart' phone. You can just go to Hobby Lobby's website, find the coupon, and bring it up on your screen big enough for the cashier to see the Coupon Code, a four-digit number. He or she can then type it into the register for the discount. Yaay !

We'd actually gone to Mal-Wart first, but the only sewing machine light bulb they had was in a useless-to-me 'Maintenance Kit', with an ugly plastic cover, screwdrivers and oil I already have several times over, and a combination Cracker Jack prize magnifying glass / needle threader that was already bent. Eight bucks, too. Forget it ! With my silly digital coupon, I got the bulb I needed for $1.61. Yess ! My meager efforts are once again illuminated !

Came back and snuggled in bed with a movie and Dearest Son, and all three of us fell asleep. If not for my medicine, I'd probably be in there still !

Beloved was joking with me a bit, saying he hadn't heard me wanting any other Monster High stuff since I got Gil. Well, since he brought it up...I'm probably gonna start savin' my pennies for 'Sweet 1600 Clawd' next. Those dolls are rather expensive - about $28. ! - so I hope they don't make sudden apperances around here while we're broke. Dearest has already laid claim to my original Clawd if I get the new one.

Thing is, while I like Clawd's new wrists and clothes, I'm not sure about his hair and face. I already know that, the more they look like their animated versions, the better I like them, and this new dude doesn't look a lot like him. But on the other hand, he doesn't have those bald spots in front of his ears, and with all that hair, new Clawde's ears look more 'right' to me. Arrrgh ! I really hate buying a second doll of a character I already have, and I'm trying to fight the Want, but it's here, all right. Darn it.

I'm curious about the Create A Monster sets, but not as much as I thought. Since the torso piece only matches one doll, it's not as appealing. And I certainly don't need more cats, werewolves, or vampires. Of course, I do want the not-yet-seen Gargoyle and Vampire Boy set - I always want more guys ! But aside from a now-removed TRU listing, I haven't heard or seen a thing about them. (sigh)

But, now that I think of it, Gil more or less appeared out of nowhere, I was truly surprised they made him a doll. While he is short-packed, (probably because traditionally, male dolls don't sell as well) he's the one who tends to sell out first. I've yet to hear anyone completely reject him, although I'm sure there are those of us who just don't like the guys. Still, Gil is amazing.'s confession time. I gave my second Jackson Jekyll doll to Dearest. I never found the right paint to change his skin to Slow Moe grey, and I saw several justifiably abandoned attempts at repainting other MH dolls, and knew I'd do no better. So while I was considering finding Jackson's receipt, Dearest asked if he could have him, since he didn't have any of the guys at all. He's been deboxed and driving around a cherry-red My Scene convertible the last two times I saw him, so I think everyone's happiest this way. But if Mattel doesn't get off their duffs and make me a Slow Moe, I will take matters into my own claws again !

Oh, and today 's image comes from the Ghoulia dress-up game on . You'll find eight more characters and games on that page, including a 'Simon'-like one that's harder to follow than you might think. Hope you enjoy !


  1. I'm not all that crazy about the CAM sets. I an definitely wait on a clearance to pick 1 up. I don't like that there is only one torso that matches one head.

    I do like the Ghoulia art. She is my favorite MH gal

  2. Hey Dorrie (parareality from lj, here) I actually saw a 1600 Clawd at our Wal-Mart. Want me to see if they've still got him?

  3. Oooh how cool to know that HobbyLobby takes their coupons from smart phones....of course now I need to find out if there is a HL anywhere near my new home.