Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Here's my 'partridge' !

Current Mood : Happy for Dearest

Another medical appointment today, but for once, it wasn't mine. Dearest Son has been having headaches so bad, he asked us to schedule it for him. I think they're migraines. Today's appointment is mostly to get a referral, and move on from there.

In the meanwhile... Even though Hoarders is on hiatus until January, I decided to watch an old episode anyway. And I got to see a K-Mart ad featuring a little girl opening a Dead Tired Ghoulia doll, then beamingly holding it up to show whoever else is on set. So cute.

Most of the LiveJournal group defended Angelic Dreamz, saying they were just going above and beyond for their customers. Of course, they didn't care about everyone else AZ just wrecked Christmas for, guess they don't matter.

Maybe it's not Mattel and AZ I'm upset with - it's the fans ! (shakes head)

Moving on...we got the video card to replace Dearest's burned out one. He's happy as anyone can be, since he really missed his computer. We'll be able to do a few things for him for Christmas, but not very much. I'm not worried. Dearest knows this is a difficult time of year for everyone, and he's really easygoing and unselfish. He's a good kid. Don't know how, with his mother the way she is !

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