Thursday, December 22, 2011

Avast, ye swabs ! Our son soon sails !

Current Mood : All giddy !

Squee ! So happy. Beloved Hubby got a bit of a holiday bonus, so we bought Dearest Son something he's wanted soo much, and he has no clue we got it. It was expensive, but I shopped around a bit and found it a little cheaper....I'm so excited ! I was worried about him having not much of a Christmas, but this big bombshell should thrill him big-time. It wasn't even on his wish list, but he's been talking about it for the last week and a half.

So he's getting...the Lego Pirates of the Caribbean "Black Pearl" ! He's been all, 'I don't want it, it's too expensive' ever since he saw it, and I have to say, when I saw TRU's price ($120.), I didn't tell him, "Hope anyway". Found it for twenny bucks less at Mal-Wart's website, and arranged an in-store pickup. He's gonna love it - it comes with six mini-figures, including a Captain Jack Sparrow !

And I'll be able to send fundage to my friend for Sweet 1600 Clawde Wolf anytime - yippee ! We even got something Beloved Hubby's been needing, so holidays are pretty much 'wrapped up' around here. I'm thinking of making everyone my silly slippers, just because. Even though we've agreed to no gift exchanges, I already have enough of everything to make slippers...long as no one minds that they're all the same color.

Speaking of Mal-Wart, somewhere in New Jersey...Wardah Ahmar found the Monster High "Cupid" doll in one. I wasn't much interested until I read her bio and saw the box art. (sigh) Darn you, Mattel ! (shakes fist at uncaring sky) The new owner did a very shaky video I couldn't watch, and also posted a photo of the box back and the usual 'Freaky Flaw', 'Monster Parent' and 'BFF' list that's been part of every MH doll. Nice how they dodged her not having a pet - the list says she can't pick just one !

One thing - if I decide to get Cupid, it probably won't be from TRU. Can you believe they upped the price on the Sweet 1600 dolls...again ?! This is not a repeat from last Friday, they raised the price once more. From $28. when they first posted 'em on the site - but didn't have 'em in stock for another month or so - to $35. today. Just two or three bucks at a time, and they seem to be the only store with any availability at all. Ended up at two Mal-Warts today, and at one, I got to see an upset mom pick through the MH section, telling whoever was on the other end of her phone that all they had were art sketch books, and it was nearly true. Under some dress-up sets and two wigs, I found DracuLaura's 'newspaper' club outfit ! I just kind of shrugged, but Beloved reached over my shoulder and snagged it. Guess what I'm getting for Christmas ? Wheee !

I'd show you what it looks like on a doll, but Beloved says I gotta wait 'til Christmas ! Grinch ! (grin)

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