Wednesday, December 28, 2011

I guess I'm in 'sleep' mode...

Current Mood : Brack.

Ecch. Not sure what 'it' is, but the whole house has it now, yours truly included. I'm tired, all I wanna do is sleep, everything is irritating, I have zero interest in food, and I've only been on the computer for maybe an hour total, all day. Clearly, I'm ill.

But I did take a nice photo of my just-deboxed-today Clawd - thanks again to Parareality for making that happen ! And to Beloved Hubby, for funding (grin) !  - and his beloved DracuLaura. Thought ya might like to see what she looks like with both hands ! Still not sure what I'm gonna do with her hair. Contrary to others' experiences, mine is still a shaggy mess, and I've boiled it twice and washed it three times. All it did was make her bangs stand up at a straight angle that would make the horizon jealous. It's soft, but doesn't do anything. Doesn't flow, doesn't brush... just kinda sits there. I wonder what wigs fit Monster High dolls...

Anyway. Clawd is wicked awesome. His ankles and wrists are jointed, just like Gil's, so most of us are hoping that's a trend that continues with the male dolls. Heck, most of us'll end up re-buying the guys just to get the bend-wrists ! They help a lot in posing, even though today's photo was too hampered by the stand to show it. Dead Tired DLaura is wearing the dress and necklace that came with him, and I fully admit that the dress was a good chunk of the draw ! It'll look good on any ghoul, and I hope to replicate the ribbon 'lacing' on one of my outfits soon.

Back to Clawd. It's hard to tell, but on the left lapel of his super-cool jacket is a tiny gold button. It's a circle with the 'Skullette' logo ! It occurs to me that, since you can barely tell it's there anyway, it would make a good ring for a ghoul, possibly even a guy. So mine may get snipped off sometime. Still, it's the little details like that...that makes me think someone cares about this line. Something I've not sensed in Barbie playline in years.

I think my first Clawd (Forbitten Romance) was flawed, as it was impossible to get his head to look down. That's one of the reasons most of my photos of him look weird - I can't move his head past where it always is in the pictures. His chin is always up, like he's being a snob or just got hit. This is completely wrong for the character, especially since his ghoulfriend barely comes up to his shoulder in the webisodes. New Clawd still doesn't really look 'down', but his head angles much better than FR's did.

OK. I'm now so tired, I don't even want the pudding cup I snagged. Goin' back to bed. On the plus side, I'm nearly done with all my library books ! 

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